Best Planters for Clematis – Top 5 Options for Pretty Clematis

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Best Planters for Clematis

Are you struggling to find a planter for your clematis? With all the options out there, it can be easy to get a little lost.

That’s why we’ve did the searching for you. In this post, we’ll show you five of the best planters for clematis to make it easier for you to come to a decision.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Mayne Cape Cod Planter A+
Sonora Resin Wicker Planter A+
Southern Patio Metro Poly-Resin Planter A

Best Planters for Clematis

Mayne Cape Cod Planter

Mayne 4838-B Cape Cod Polyethylene Planter, 20

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Wood is a lovely material for a planter, and it’s appealing to the eye. The issue with it is it can get quite heavy, and it can absorb water and rot over time.

That’s not going to be a problem with this Mayne Cape Cod Planter. It’s made from plastic, but the carving in the sides makes it resemble wooden planks.

Regardless of the sort of climate you live in, this planter can withstand the conditions. It’s resistant to all kinds of weather so you can enjoy its looks in rain, snow, or shine. (Although if you have a real plant in it, you may not want to leave it out in the snow!)

As a drawback, it doesn’t have drainage holes in it. However, you are able to drill them in on your own.


  • Nice imitation wood design.
  • Large capacity to provide space for a clematis.
  • Suitable for all kinds of climates.
  • Double-walled design in the bottom functions as a water reservoir for your plant.
  • Can be bought in two different colors.


  • Does not include drainage holes.

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Sonora Resin Wicker Planter

Suncast 22" Sonora Resin Wicker Planter Contemporary Lightweight Flower Pot for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Home, Yard, or Garden, Set of 2, Java

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We’ve recommended the Sonora Resin Wicker Planter before because we love the way it resembles a woven basket. Its appearance is homey and would combine well with that of a clematis.

Because it’s a set, you’ll also get two of them when you purchase it. You’ll have another planter for a second clematis, or to use with another plant.

Use them indoors or outdoors – they’re tough enough to endure no matter where you put them.


  • Lovely pattern that resembles wicker.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Light enough to lift easily.
  • Includes two planters, although you can get them in a four-pack, as well.


  • You have to drill in the drainage holes manually.
  • Does include any sort of cover for the drainage holes.

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Southern Patio Metro Poly-Resin Planter

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Within the Southern Patio Metro Poly-Resin planter, you’ll find plenty of room to support the growth of a clematis plant.

Because it’s crafted from poly-resin, you can anticipate a long life from this planter. It’s resistant to a range of conditions, and even harsh UV rays won’t tarnish its color.

The color, interestingly enough, is designed to mimic the look of stone. With this planter, your clematis will look as if it’s growing out of a bowl lovingly sculpted from rock.

On top of that, drainage was taken into consideration with the design. With a drainage hole (and optional plug) in the bottom, your soil will be able to freely drain rather than hold on to extra water.


  • Available in granite brown, monzonite, and gray blue colors.
  • Convincingly resembles a stone bowl.
  • Tough and long-lived.
  • Has a built-in drainage hole with an optional plug.


  • Some customers felt the colors varied a little from the pictures.

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Dekland Resin Pot Planter

The Dekland Resin Pot Planter gives you the earthiness of clay or terracotta at an affordable price point and with none of the heaviness involved.

Because it’s actually made from plastic, even at its largest size, it still only weighs seven pounds. You won’t hurt yourself whenever you need to move it.

The material is also tough. You can set it outside in pretty much any kind of weather and expect it to stand up to the test.

Drainage holes are already drilled into the bottom of it. Any extra water will be able to drip out these holes so your clematis doesn’t stay too damp for long.


  • Available in three colors.
  • Classic raised flower pattern on the sides.
  • Includes drainage holes.
  • Lightweight for easy lifting.
  • Sturdy.


  • No tray to put beneath the drainage holes.

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Altamont Terracotta Planter Set

You’ll find real personality in the Altamont Terracotta Planter Set. From their tall gracefully curving shape to the vivid blue or green colors it comes in, it’s a set your guests are sure to remember.

It includes three planters of differing sizes: a small, medium, and large one. You could start with a small clematis in the small planter, and move it to the larger ones as it gets bigger.

If you’re worried that these beautiful planters are fragile, keep in mind that they were fired at extremely high temperatures of around 1000 degrees centigrade. Because of this, they’re tougher than your average terracotta pots.

You won’t need to drill drainage holes in them, either. They already come with drainage holes in the bottom so they’re ready from the get-go.


  • Absolutely stunning and unique looks.
  • Includes three planters.
  • Made and glazed by hand.
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, including frost.


  • Because they’re made from terracotta, they’re heavier than other planters on this list.
  • Can be expensive.
  • No covers for the drainage holes.

What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Clematis


What should be the first thing on your list of requirements for a clematis planter? Its size.

Clematis plants need lots of room. This is not just because they’re large plants, but also because the ability to pack more soil around them can help insulate their roots from harmful conditions like the cold.

For a smaller clematis plant of six feet or less, it’s recommended that your planter be at least a foot and a half in diameter. Larger clematis plants should have larger planters – a diameter of around two feet should do the trick.

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Drainage Holes

Another important quality your planter should have is drainage holes. These make it possible for water to drip out the bottom so your clematis doesn’t get too soaked.

In fact, as long as your planter is both large enough and has drainage holes (or can have drainage holes added by you), your clematis will do well.

Other than those qualities, the sky is the limit. You can freely search for planters in a range of looks and shapes.


Some consideration should be given to the materials your planter is made out of, but it’s more because of the effects it may have on daily use than impact to your clematis.

Many planters are made from ceramic, for instance. It looks great, but it’s a really heavy and expensive material that also is susceptible to shattering in cold temperatures.

Plastic is an example of another common material for planters. It may not look as good as ceramic, but it’s oftentimes more affordable – although it, too, can occasionally be made fragile in cold climates.

Wood is heavy, as well, especially in larger planters like those you would need in a clematis. If it’s untreated, it might also be warped or rotted by moisture over time.

However, it does have its advantages, such as being attractive and resistant to cold weather conditions that many other planters are vulnerable to.

Wrap Up

So which planter is our favorite on this list? We’re glad you asked.

If we had to choose one, we’d go for the Altamont Terracotta Planter Set. It’s beautiful, unique, and includes three total planters.

But a major drawback to the set is that it can be expensive. We think the Dekland Resin Pot Planter is an excellent and affordable alternative.

You can get it in three different colors, and it has a classic look that would go well with your clematis plant. Plus, it comes with adequate drainage so your plant won’t suffer from a surplus of water.

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