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mushroom benefits and nutritional value

The Science of Mushrooms: Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

What Do You Want to Learn About Mushrooms? The Basics of MushroomsWhat are Mushrooms Anyway?Nutritional Value of MushroomsStudies Done on MushroomsMushrooms and the Immune SystemMushrooms and Our ArteriesMushrooms and Breast CancerPotential Downsides of MushroomsDelicious Mushroom RecipesMushroom and Potato Stew by The Vegan CornerPortabello Mushrooms Sliders by The Edgy VegOne Pot Creamy Mushrooms Pasta by Cooking with […]

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ultimate list of vegan berry recipes

Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Berry Recipes

If you read our Benefits of Berries article, you’re probably looking for more ways to incorporate berries into your diet. We’ve compiled some of the best delicious vegan recipes with berries from around the so that you can follow them step by step or use them for inspiration to create your own versions. Let us […]

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best vegan kale recipes

Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Kale Recipes

If you’ve read our Benefits of Kale article, you’re probably looking for more ways to incorporate kale into your every day life. For those of you who love trying new things, we’ve put together a compilation of the best (vegan) ways to prepare kale.For even more recipes, be sure to check out our posts on […]

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berries antioxidants benefits longevity

The Benefits of Berries: The Disease Prevention Superfood!

Berries are delicious, versatile, and – yes – a superfood. As well as containing an abundance of important vitamins and minerals, berries contain some truly special properties that can help protect you against a whole host of diseases and even improve your recovery from exercise. Quick Navigation Why Are Berries Good For You?Low in Calories and […]

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going vegan a step by step guide

How To Go Vegan: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle can be a daunting and seemingly challenging task. One may think they need to give up all the foods that they love, cut ties with all their non-vegan friends/family, and drive a Prius.This is simply not the case.Veganism comes in many different forms, but is grounded in one definition:Veganism […]

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vegan on a budget

The Ultimate Guide to Going Vegan on a Budget: Learn to Craft Your Own Meal Plan!

If you’re already vegan or thinking about adopting the lifestyle, but concerned about it being too expensive, you’ve come to the right place. Veganism is not a lifestyle reserved for the rich, famous, and privileged, but rather a way for everyone to eat healthfully and in accordance with their morals. Stick with the principles and […]

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benefits of kale

What Are All of the Benefits of Kale? And Can You Eat Too Much?

Kale. It’s become massively popular over the past decade. What was once a forgotten leaf only seen as a decor piece on salad bars has risen to a smoothie superstar and juicing staple.However, as I’m sure you know, popular doesn’t necessarily equate to good, especially in the world of diet and health where misinformation and marketing tactics […]

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ultimate guide to vegan protein

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Protein Sources

Many people in the Western world have been brought up with the idea that you need to consume animal products (especially meat) to meet your daily needs for protein. Without doing so, you’re liable to end up frail, weak, and unhealthy. However, in 2017, there is more than enough peer reviewed scientific evidence to know this […]

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