4 Best Mini Fridges for Kegerator – Top Four Options

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best mini fridge for kegerator

All of us love enjoying a summer evening with our buddies and family members while being surrounded by barbecue, board games, and most of all: beer lines. That said, beer is expensive, and we’d all love paying less for our drinks.

Mini fridge kegerators can help in this regard, but which one do you get? Read on as we introduce you to some of the best mini fridges for a kegerator.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Mini Fridge Name Why We Picked It
The Danby DAR044A4BDD 6 Perfect for people who don’t want to move the mini-fridge around too much and have to store kegs of all kinds.
RCA Mini Fridge Ideal for people trying not to disrupt the decorative theme of their house with a fridge that seems out of place. It has multiple color options too!
RCA RFR Black Perfect for people who need a mini-fridge that gets the basics done while not too intrusive. This fridge does a good job of not making a lot of noise.
The Danby Stainless Steel Mini Fridge Perfect for people looking for a tough mini-fridge. This fridge has a scratch-resistant worktop.

The Best Mini Fridges for Kegerator

Once you’re aware of the essential factors you’ll have to consider; you’re ready to scour the market for options. Here are some of the best mini-fridges in the market today.

The Danby DAR044A4BDD 6

Danby Designer DAR044A4BDD-6 4.4 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge, Compact Refrigerator for Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Dorm, Kitchen, Office, E-Star in Black

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This is perhaps one of the best options for kegerator conversion. Not only are you going to have a compact and sleek design, but you’ll also enjoy the functionality of the fridge.

It has ample space for your kegs, and it can fit in most rooms, too. The fridge also comes equipped with a mechanical thermostat which allows you to keep your beer chilled at the temperature of your choice.

Moreover, it also has a reversible door that lets you place it at any room angle. You won’t have any complaints when we talk design either.

It has an elegant design that can go well with any house’s interior space, be it a modern establishment or a traditional house.

This is one of the most suitable options for kegerator conversion since it has removable shelves, too. This means that you won’t have to look for particular-sized kegs since the available can be customized.

Its interior space is black has glass shelves and LED lights giving it the aesthetics of a premium mini-fridge. It doesn’t have a freezer which makes the kegerator conversion easy.

The fridge isn’t too loud either, so you can also consider keeping it in your bedroom. The refrigerant it uses is environmentally-friendly, too!

Essential Information

  • Weight: 64.7 pounds
  • Capacity: 4.4 cubic feet
  • Size: 20.16 x 20.16 x 33.16

The Pros

  • You won’t have to deal with a freezer
  • It has ample room for all kinds of kegs
  • It’s Energy Star compliant
  • It also has an adjustable thermostat

The Cons

  • The compressor can be noisy at times
  • It doesn’t have any leveling feet

RCA Mini Fridge

RCA RFR321-Purple RFR320-PURPLE 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Fridge, Mini Refrigerator, Purple

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If your house has a bright-colored interior, this fridge will fit right into the mix. It is available in different colors like bright blue, purple, black, red, and green, making it apparent in almost every environment.

One of the reasons several people rate this fridge highly is because of its energy-saving abilities and purchase price. Finding an affordable mini fridge can be hard.

Sadly, though, it does have a freezer, so you’ll have to bypass this – it can also be a bit noisy. Another complaint you may have is that is it only has a high-low switch for temperature adjustment while other players in the industry are offering specific measurements.

But that isn’t too big of a complaint. Overall, it’s a great option for kegerator conversion.

Essential Information

  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet
  • Size: 20 x 18 x 32

The Pros

  • It has bright colors, which make it a convenient decorative piece
  • It doesn’t weigh too much
  • It’s affordable
  • It has an adjustable thermostat

The Cons

  • It can be loud in some instances
  • It has a freezer compartment, so you’ll have to find a way around this
  • It has a mechanical thermostat

RCA RFR Black 320

RCA RFR321-B-Black-COM RFR321-BLACK Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black, CU.FT

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This mini fridge has probably one of the best features compared to other options in its price range. It has a robust build and a sophisticated black exterior. It features dual wire shelves that you can remove to make room for those sturdy kegs.

It also has a freezer, but this isn’t a con in every case. This freezer has an ice cube tray. Unlike many options in the market today, you will get a thermostat with this fridge which is a great feature for kegerator conversion.

No one wants their beer to be too cold or too warm either. Another factor to appreciate is how quiet this fridge can be.

This is a crucial factor for some people since they may want to place the mini-fridge in their bedroom or living room. Did we mention that it has reversible door hinges, too?

However, some of the downsides of this option are that its tubing and compressor are exposed on its back. A mini-fridge manufacturer can cover this area with a thick piece of cardboard or with a sheet of metal, but with this fridge, you’ll have to be careful.

While fixing the kegerator conversion kit, you can easily harm the vital components of the fridge so try to be careful. That said, the fridge and conversion kit and often secondary considerations.

It’s a great option for the price you’re going to get it at.

Essential Information

  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet
  • Size: 20 x 18 x 32

The Pros

  • It has a smooth and sleek finish
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • You can get it at an affordable price
  • It is usually quiet, so you won’t get bothered even if it’s in your living space

The Cons

  • The kegerator conversion kit for this mini fridge is sold separately
  • The vital parts of this mini fridge aren’t covered
  • It can’t be moved

The Danby Stainless Steel Mini Fridge

Danby DAR044A4BSLDD-6 4.4 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge, Compact All Refrigerator for Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Dorm, Kitchen-in Stainless Steel Look, Stainless

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This fridge is perhaps one of the best mini-refrigerators in the market today. It looks amazing and has a large capacity for kegs. That is great news for drink enthusiasts trying to fit large kegs into their mini-fridges.

Despite being a larger mini-fridge, it still has a compact look. While this may seem like a paradox, this is possible since it doesn’t have anything on the back. You’re not going to find any bulging components.

You can fit this mini fridge into almost any setting – even in those rough environments since it has a scratch-resistant worktop.

While this may not seem like an essential feature, it will come in handy when you’re drilling holes. Just by looking at this mini-fridge, you’ll be able to tell that it is sturdy and will last for a long time.

If you’re yearning for a fridge that looks simple, has top-of-the-line features, and is robust, this is the mini-fridge you should get. While it may be a bit expensive, it will be a worthwhile investment. This unit is also eco-friendly, which is a relief!

Essential Information

  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Capacity: 5.1 cubic feet
  • Size: 20.16 x 20.16 x 33.16

The Pros

  • The worktop is scratch-resistant
  • It doesn’t weigh too much, and it also does not consume a lot of space
  • You can easily fit one full-size keg into it
  • It also has a robust frame

The Cons

  • It does not come with a conversion kit
  • The compressor from this mini fridge can be noisy
  • Since it doesn’t have any casters, moving it around can be a struggle

Kegerator: What is It and How is it Used?

beer cans on fridge

Essentially, a kegerator marries the concept of a mini-fridge and a keg. Brewers use a specific device to store kegs at the perfect temperature. They then serve beer or wine at this temperature so that it tastes good.

A kegerator mini fridge helps keep these beverages cool, while the keg the beer is placed in also helps maintain the pressure. Due to this pressure, the drink can stay carbonated for extended periods, which would be borderline impossible otherwise.

Moreover, it’s also widely accepted that beer tastes a lot better when it comes out from a tap rather than a bottle. Ice-cold draft beer is just one of the reasons it’s worth getting a kegerator.

That said, while mini-refrigerators for kegerators are worth the purchase, some people may not be able to afford them. This problem, however, can be solved by purchasing a conversion kit (you must have a mini-fridge, however).

You can have chilled beer whenever you want by paying a fraction of the price. However, while looking for the best kegerator fridge, you should consider some essential factors since purchasing mini fridges isn’t typically simple. Read on to find some essential mini-fridge features.

Things You Should Consider While Buying a Mini Fridge for Kegerator

You may want to consider several things before you buy mini-fridges for a kegerator. Since you’re trying to build a DIY kegerator, the smallest of differences in the functionality or the size of the fridge may make a huge difference in the result.

empty mini fridge

You’ll have to ensure that the mini-fridge you get has the appropriate functions while staying within your budget.

To save you from spending excessive time on the product research phase, we’ve listed some of the most important considerations you should make while looking for the best mini fridge for a kegerator.

The first factor is obvious.

Price of the Mini Fridge

While you may giggle at the obviousness of this factor, we still believe putting it on the list is essential. Several beer enthusiasts find themselves in a situation where they must break the bank to get something they truly want.

couple happy with fridge

Nothing apart from that particular product seems to satisfy their needs in a situation like this. Fortunately, mini-fridges aren’t that pricey.

Finding one that suits your standard is easy. This won’t take a lot of effort!

The Size of the Mini Fridge

This is perhaps one of the most essential considerations for some people while buying a mini-fridge for the keg. If the keg you’ve bought can’t fit in your mini-fridge, you’re only going to have two options:

  1. Buy a new kegerator
  2. Buy a bigger mini fridge

buying fridge in shop

That is why you must pick wisely. Make sure you’re going through product listings that mention the dimensions of the fridge, or you can also consider buying them physically from a shop.

You can ask the shopkeeper to measure the fridge for you, too. While this may seem like an obvious step, several people skip this and regret it later.

We recommend that you first buy a mini-fridge and then buy the kegs that fit in that fridge. It’s also vital that the keg fits in the brewing room.

Several people may get inclined towards the biggest option they see, only to find out later that it doesn’t fit in the space available. Here are some essential pointers that can help you:

  • A 5-gallon keg will need a mini-fridge with the dimensions of 9 x 25
  • A 7.75-gallon keg will fit in an 11 x 23.3 fridge

The Space Inside the Mini Fridge

The best options for kegerator have a spacious interior. They have the room to fit the kegerators you want.

There’s no point in getting a fridge that is enough to fit the brewing room but can’t fit a keg inside. This way, you’re going to land back on to square one.

You should also ensure that the mini-fridge has removable glass shelves. This is important since you may have to remove them every once in a while to fit a keg.

The Functionality of the Mini Fridge

Several mini-fridges can also have a freezer. While this may be attractive for some buyers, it isn’t necessarily the best feature for kegerator conversion. Most people want to run the kegerator conversion kit from the fridge’s top part.

This can create problems since mini-fridges have freezers that have cooling lines running through them. If you want to keep the kegerator conversion simple and convenient, get a mini-fridge that doesn’t have a freezer.

happy with the fridge

On the other hand, some people may prefer getting a mini-fridge with a freezer to enjoy cold draft beer. If this is something you’re trying to go for, too, then we would recommend running the kegerator conversion kit through the mini fridge’s door.

All in all, regardless of where you want to run the conversion kit through, you must make that the cooling lines are not coming in the way.

The Material of the Mini Fridge

Remember that the best mini fridges for kegerator conversion are built out of robust materials. Some good options can be built out of aluminum and have a stainless steel finish. This ensures that the mini-fridge does not lose its firm built.

How Do You Transform a Mini Fridge Into a Kegerator?

keg filing up cup

You can convert your mini-fridge into a kegerator with a draft beer conversion kit. The job is simple, given you follow the right instructions. Here’s what you need to do:

Converting the Door

  • Start by unplugging the main power cord from the fridge. If needed, move the fridge, so you have access to what you need.
  • Remove the screws from the door’s shelf panel. You can do this with a few Phillips head screwdrivers. Take off the panel and then the door’s seal.
  • Put a 38 x 48 x 1/8 acrylic glass on a utility table. Now place the door face up and align it correctly on the piece of glass. While holding the door in place, make marks on the piece of glass with a knife. To ensure you see these marks clearly, repeat this process several times.
  • After you’ve made the marks excessively, the extra pieces of glass will be removable by hand. For any irregular edges, use a sanding block for flattening.
  • Attach a 1/8 drill bit onto a drilling machine. Now put the door onto the acrylic glass and ensure you’ve aligned all edges. At this point, the holes you removed from the screws should serve as guides. Use the drilling machine and make holes into every screw hole.
  • Once this is done, attach the door’s seal and the panel you’ve crafted to the inside of the door with the screws.

Attaching the Spout

  • Mark spots for the holes on the fridge door by using a marker. For a spout on the tower, position it to tap on the middle of the fridge’s top while the spout points forward. For a spout on the door, you’ll have to position the tap approximately six inches below the door’s top. It should be in the center. Use the holes as guides to mark the spots for screws.
  • Drill the hole for the door using a 1/8 drill bit. With a round file, remove the rugged edges.
  • Now insert the stem that is attached at the base of the tap through the hole you’ve drilled. Align the machined holes with the holes you made for the screws. Once done, you can finally install the tap using stainless steel screws.
  • Now open the mini-fridge door and install rubber washers at the base of the stem that you threaded for the spout. Tighten the nut with a wrench.
  • Slide the hose clamp on the end of the dispenser and fit the hose completely on the threaded stem.
  • Finally, adjust the keg fitting inside the mini-fridge. To check if it’s working correctly, adjust the thermostat’s temperature to a colder setting and then shut the door. Plug the power cord into an outlet and enjoy using your new kegerator!


foamy drink in glass

Making a kegerator through your mini-fridge is an innovative solution that can save you from splurging money. With the right mini-fridge, you’ll have a cold foamy beer in the comfort of your home.

Get the best mini fridge for use in your case scenario from this list and let your guests enjoy the several benefits of this fancy tool.

The ability to customize is one of the best features. That said, you must remember that price, functionality, and space combine to form a massive role in the mini-fridge you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Keezer or kegerator?

stainless kegs faucet

The customization costs that come with a keezer can be a bit overwhelming. Your customization attempts will only increase the costs.

On the other hand, with a kegerator, ownership is easy, and these are easier to maintain as well, too.

You’ll only have to assemble different parts, and you’ll get perfectly dispensed beverages every time.

Will a keg fit in my fridge?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the keg you’re trying to fit and the size of your fridge.

While you can’t fit every keg into every fridge, you can customize the layout of the fridge according to the keg you’re trying to fit.

carrying keg on shoulder

Can you put a keg in a mini-fridge?

Depends on the keg you’re trying to fit and the size of the mini-fridge. We recommend you buy a mini-fridge first and then shop for kegs.

However, before you go keg shopping, make sure you’re aware of the dimensions of your mini-refrigerator so that you buy an appropriately sized keg.

There’s nothing worse than a keg that doesn’t fit.