What Does Kombucha Tea Taste Like?

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Kombucha Tea with the SCOBY

What Does Kombucha Tea Taste Like? 

Let’s start with explaining what kombucha is.It’s a tea (usually black) prepared with a kombucha “mother” culture, or scoby, which is comprised of bacteria and yeast that ferment the tea.

Kombucha is tart toreally tart with a funky flavor from the fermentation process.It’s frequently mixed with fruit juices to sweeten it, so it becomes tart and sweet with floral and fruity notes with a hint of apple cider vinegar.A complex and interesting flavor to say the least.

I like to describe it as a milder version of beer which is reflected in the fact that it does have a very small alcohol content.

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Kombucha Texture and Mouthfeel

Kombucha has a couple of different textures happening at the same time.The primary texture and mouthfeel is the fizziness.When you uncap it, you’ll probably hear a little burst of air being released.

The other texture you may come across is the slippery, sludgy sediment, which is perfectly fine—that’s just the natural culture.If you get a kombucha tea on tap, you might not get any of it in your glass at all.

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