What Does Amaretto Taste Like?

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Amaretto on a wood table with almonds

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Never tried amaretto?You’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it.You’ll find out what it tastes like, how to store it, and how to make amazing vegan treats with it.

Have you ever tasted marzipan?That’s the closest thing we can compare this Italian liqueur to.Though amaretto means “a little bitter” in its country of origin, without a doubt, it’s a sweet drink.

Amarettos like Disaronno are famous for their candy sweetness, but you’ll get plenty of almond and cherry notes while you sip them, just like marzipan. 

This liqueur can be used to sweeten and flavor syrups, sauces and desserts, but it’s more famous as an integral part of cocktails like the Godfather and the amaretto sour. 

If you’ve already picked up a bottle, we’ll show you how to make a vegan amaretto sour below (there’s egg white in a lot of recipes, which is not necessarily common knowledge).

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How Do You Serve Amaretto? 

Amaretto drinkers will often have it neat, served at room temperature in a cordial glass.It’s also common to see amaretto in fancy coffee drinks, so technically, it can also be served hot.

Some people like it over ice, and of course, plenty of folks drink amaretto as an ingredient in a cocktail.There’s no wrong way to go about it, really. 

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Does Amaretto Need to Be Refrigerated After Opening?

If you like chilled amaretto, you’re certainly able to store it in the refrigerator and skip the step of shaking it up with ice.In any case, many aficionados do recommend refrigerating it. 

But others say you can just keep it somewhere cool and dark.No matter what storage method you decide on, you should tuck it away from direct sunlight to keep the flavors intact.

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Can Amaretto Expire? 

Amaretto will not go bad the way typical foods and beverages eventually spoil.That means that there’s no fixed shelf life, but with exposure to oxygen and light, it will start to lose flavor.

So does amaretto expire?Not really, no.But it may not taste as good as you remember after a year or so, and if you don’t cap it properly, you’ll get significantly less time to enjoy it.

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Amaretto Recipe Tips 

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These amaretto truffles are pretty to look at, but wait until you taste them.Make a big batch and gift them to someone you love (but definitely save some for yourself).

Here are the ingredients:

  • Beets
  • Vegan dark chocolate
  • Coconut cream
  • Maple syrup
  • Amaretto
  • Coconut oil

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