What Does Acai Berry Taste Like?

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As acai bowls flourish in cafes and juice bars, you may be tempted to try one. We’ll tell you all about the taste and texture of the acai berry, the breakfast bowl it’s featured in, and how to use it in your very own kitchen.

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What Does Acai Berry Taste Like? 

Acai (pronounced “ah-sah-yee”) is typically sold frozen, dried or in powdered form. It has a deep berry flavor like blackberry or raspberry, though it’s not very sweet.

In fact, the acai berry is actually on the bitter side, so it’s common to add sweetener to it or blend it with sweet fruits. There are also hints of bitter dark chocolate, like raw cacao.

Acai Berry Texture 

The actual berry has a somewhat granular texture, but most of the time, you’ll be having acai in a smoothie or a bowl, where the texture changes.

Pureed acai berry is very smooth and creamy. Especially in acai bowls, people often feel that it reminds them of sorbet or ice cream, thick and rich. 

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What Does an Acai Bowl Taste Like? 

Just like the texture, the taste of an acai bowl is almost like ice cream due to an intriguing milky quality to the berries. This is one reason it’s such a popular breakfast item—who wouldn’t want vegan ice cream for breakfast?

Because acai bowls are created not just with the berries but also other fruits and toppings from granola, to coconut, to peanut butter, no two bowls are exactly alike in flavor.

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Can You Eat Acai Berries? 

If you could get your hands on a fresh acai berry, you could eat it raw, but you won’t likely find these fruits fresh and whole as they don’t keep for very long after harvesting.

But you can eat acai berry puree or the dried fruits all by themselves. Typically, however, acai berry is blended with other fruits for balanced flavor.

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Acai Berry Serving Tips 

The ideal way to enjoy acai berry is to have it in smoothie form, whether as a beverage or a bowl. One of the best things about these acai recipes is that they’re naturally vegan (as long as you don’t add dairy or non-vegan products).

This video is great for getting to know the traditional Brazilian acai bowl. It’s incredibly easy to prepare with frozen acai berry puree, bananas and a touch of water for blending.

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If you’d like to see what a filling acai berry smoothie might look like, watch this video. It’s made with acai berry juice, peanut butter, mixed berries and banana.

Wrap Up

Acai berries have a deep, dark berry flavor mixed with bitter cacao and an intensely creamy texture when whipped up in the blender. Turn a package of frozen acai puree into a smoothie with bananas and any ripe fruits hanging around in your kitchen, or make your own acai bowls with granola, sliced fruit and dried coconut.

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