What Does A Yam Taste Like?

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What’s the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?We’re going to answer this question as we cover all the essential information about yams. You’ll learn about taste, texture, cooking options and recipes to try out any time of year.

white yam cut open on a board

What Does a Yam Taste Like? 

Cooked yams are tubers that come in an extensive variety.They tend to be fairly sweet, but they’re not particularly sugary.

The purple-skinned Japanese yams with yellowish flesh, for example, are on the sweeter side while purple yams are only vaguely sweet with a crispy nutty taste. 

Yams do share that unmistakable earthiness that will remind you of orange sweet potatoes, but you’ll notice how distinctive each type is when you try them. 

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Yam Texture 

All cooked yams are soft and starchy, but there are slight differences between the varieties.Purple yams are often particularly dry and starchy, though not unpleasantly so.

Yams tend to be closer to potato than sweet potato texture, as in drier and grainier.They’re good ingredients for a recipe that needs all the veggies to hold their shape and not get mashed and mushy.

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Is There a Difference Between a Yam and Sweet Potato? 

Who knew that garnet yams are actually sweet potatoes?These deep orange to reddish yams, which many of us are familiar with, are only “yams” in a nominal sense.

Yams and sweet potatoes come from different parts of the world and have their own unique flavors.The main thing is that sweet potatoes are sweeter, often having a caramelized brown sugar taste.

Some people also eat raw sweet potatoes, but you should generally cook yams. There may betoxins in their raw statethat are only removed through the proper cooking process.

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Can You Eat Yam Skin? 

You can eat the skins of some yams, but others are avoided.This has to do with the potential toxins occurring in some kinds of yams (as previously discussed).

Do some research on the specific type of yam that you’ve purchased to find the right way to eat it.Yams are delicious and nutritious, so it’s well worth it.

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