25 Fruits that Start with W

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25 Fruits that Start with W

Are you wondering about fruits that start with W? There are plenty to choose from, and we’ve included a bunch in this list.

Read more to learn a little bit about each fruit we found…

1. Walnut Fruit

Walnut Fruit

Chances are, you only think of the nut whenever you hear the word “walnut.” You might be surprised, however, to learn that this plant also grows a fruit. Most people don’t really eat the fruit part, though.

2. Water Apple

Water Apple

Water apples are actually small, bell-shaped berries with a crispness to their texture. Because they grow best in climates with large amounts of rain, they tend to thrive in tropical areas.

3. Water Lemon

Water Lemon

Water lemons don’t really look like the lemons you’re used to. Instead, they have a soft green hue that fades into a lighter yellowish-white on the end. Also unlike lemons, their flavor is rather mild.

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4. Watermelon


If you’re looking for the perfect juicy fruit to quench your thirst on a hot summer day, look no further than the watermelon. These popular snack fruits may have been grown by people since the time of Ancient Egypt!

We personally love watermelon. We even have a few recipes for mealy watermelon in our post about what bad watermelon tastes like.

5. Wax Apple

Wax Apple

Don’t worry about eating the wax apple – contrary to its name, it is not made out of wax! The waxy part of their name may come from the fact that they have a glossy shine when ripe, as if they were dipped in wax.

6. Wax Gourd

Wax Apple

Most people probably think of gourds as vegetables, but they are technically fruits. That includes the wax gourd.

One of the best things about wax gourd is that you can store it for months. If you have one, you won’t need to worry about it going bad any time soon.

7. Wealthy Apple

Wealthy Apple

Until the emergence of the Wealthy apple, many believed it was too cold in Minnesota to grow apples. But after years of experimenting with apple seeds, a man named Peter Gideon finally produced an apple hardy enough to survive a Minnesotan winter in 1861.

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8. West Indian Cherry

West Indian Cherry

West Indian cherries, despite their name, come from South and Central America. They are filled with vitamin C, as well as a handful of other nutritious vitamins.

9. Western Hackberry

Western Hackberry

The Western hackberry comes from North America. Historically, various Native American people ate the berries, including Apache and Navajo people.

10. White Aspen Fruit

White Aspen Fruit

You might not have known that white aspen trees grow fruits, but they do! Their berries are said to taste reminiscent of oranges. Use them to make preserves or sprinkle them into a salad.

11. White Currant

White Currant

White currant comes from the black currant family of plants. People grow these berries both to eat and because the plants are attractive.

12. White Mulberry

White Mulberry

Want berries that will grow fast? White mulberry could be a great option for you, because they’re well-known for how vigorous they grow. Plus, once you have berries, you can use them to make wine.

13. White Sapote

White Sapote

White sapote is often called the Mexican apple. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they come from Central America, where it is said that they taste a bit like bananas.

14. Wild Custard Apple

Wild Custard Apple

Wild custard apple is a traditional African food. It’s been shown that these apples are quite healthy and nutritious, which makes them ideal in developing countries.

15. Wild Lime

Wild Lime

If you were expecting something used similarly to traditional limes, you’d be wrong when it comes to wild lime. Instead, those who use it take advantage of the leaves and bark, which have a citrusy odor.

16. Wild Orange

Wild Orange

Growing naturally in Australia, the wild orange is a beloved bush food. It is commonly used in desserts.

17. Wild Sugar Apple

Wild Sugar Apple

Like its name implies, the wild sugar apple has a sweet and decadent taste. Unfortunately, its shelf life is so short that it’s not likely to ever be produced on a mass commercial scale.

18. Wild Sweetsop

Wild Sweetsop

Wild sweetsop is, funnily enough, another name for soursop. It produces tart and sweet fruits that are excellent for desserts.

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19. Wildbacher Grape

Wildbacher Grape

Documents show that the Wildbacher grape, which came from Austria, has been around for hundreds of years. It is used to make wines with herbal flavors.

20. Williams Pear

Williams Pear

The Williams pear is more commonly called the Bartlett pear in some places. Outside of Asian countries, the Williams pear is the most popular type of pear.

21. Wineberry


The wineberry can be found growing in New Zealand. You can use the juice of the berries to make a delicious drink, and you can also use the plant to make dye.

22. Winter Nelis Pear

Winter Nelis Pear

Pears, which are known for bruising easily, received a bit of an upgrade with the Winter Nelis pear. This pear is renowned for its ability to store for months at a time.

Its flavor is described as being decadent and sugary.

23. Wolfberry


If you’ve never heard of wolfberries before, it might be because you know them as goji berries. Believe it or not, these berries come from the nightshade family, which also includes eggplants and tomatoes.

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24. Wood Apple

Wood Apple

At a glance, you might mistake wood apples for coconuts. If you’re hoping to eat the inside, you’ve got your work cut out for you, because the shell is notoriously hard to crack!

25. Worcester Pearmain Apple

Worcester Pearmain Apple

The “pear” part of this apple’s name might be confusing, but you can rest assured it is an apple. It was first created in England in the late 1800’s. It is a popular home garden apple to this day.

Fruits that Start with W