What Does Bad Watermelon Taste Like?

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what does bad watermelon taste like

Nobody likes a bad watermelon. If you’ve never come across one, we’ll tell you how to spot it by sight, taste, texture and more. We’ll also gives you some tips for salvaging watermelon that’s a little overripe but not yet spoiled.

Let’s get started…

What Does Bad Watermelon Taste Like? 

Bad watermelon isn’t something you want to meet. It’s easy to tell when you’ve bitten into a watermelon that has ceased to be Watermelon if it’s sour and funky-tasting instead of sweet.

But save yourself the experience of tasting rotten watermelon and smell it first. You should be able to tell by the sour or slightly fermented odor emanating from the flesh.

Bad Watermelon with a touch of moldSave

Bad Watermelon Texture  and Appearance

The texture is pretty gross. If your cut watermelon from the fridge is really bad, you’ll see an obvious layer of a slimy, possibly whitish substance on it. 

If you haven’t yet cut into it, you might be able to tell if the rind feels squishy—good watermelon should have a firm rind. And if you see anything hairy and moldy, stay away.

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What Are the Signs of Bad Watermelon? 

So far you know that bad watermelon will smell and taste unpleasant, look oozy or moldy, or feel slightly squishy in the rind. Trust us, there are other signs of a bad watermelon.

A fresh, ripe watermelon should feel heavy and sound hollow when you tap on it, but rotten melons may feel strangely light or look like they’re shriveling. 

Any dark patches on the rind might also indicate rot. Additionally, if you see brown areas inside, whether on the flesh or on the white part, it’s well past its prime.

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Watermelon wedges

How Long Does It Take for a Watermelon to Go Bad? 

How fresh your watermelon stays depends on several factors, including weather, storage and preparation. If it’s hot and humid and you leave a whole watermelon on the counter, you could have less than a week of good eating.

If you store it in the fridge, you can probably get another week or two out of it. The less ripe it was when you bought it, the longer it can potentially last. If you slice it, you’re looking at about a few days of shelf life if kept chilled.

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Is It OK to Eat Grainy Watermelon? 

Grainy watermelon is not necessarily the same as rotten watermelon. While the spoiled stuff may be grainy, it’ll also be mushy and come with a host of signs that will tip you off right away.

If your watermelon looks good and smells and tastes sweet with a slightly mealy texture, you don’t have to toss it—it’s just a little overripe Check out the videos below for overripe watermelon recipe hacks.

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Overripe Watermelon Serving Tips 

There are plenty of ways to use mealy watermelon. Don’t worry, your recipes won’t suffer—these are so delicious that you may just be waiting for the excuse to make them.

Watermelon popsicles! All you need for these refreshing treats are your watermelon, some orange juice and a sprinkle of sugar.

This is a watermelon cooler with Indian spices and rose syrup for a beautifully floral, fragrant drink. In addition to the watermelon and rose syrup, you’ll need chaat masala spice blend, lemon juice and ice.

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Have you ever tried cold watermelon soup? It’s like gazpacho, but sweeter.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it (in addition to watermelon):

  • Soaked dates
  • Soaked raisins
  • Ginger
  • Mint leaves
  • Lemon juice
  • Basil seeds
  • Salt
  • Ice

Wrap Up 

Bad watermelon is a truly yucky. It’s sour, funky, mushy and slimy. If you see brown, black or discolored spots on the inside or outside, you may have a rotten melon. But if you catch your watermelon after it’s peaked in ripeness but before it’s gone bad, you can totally save the day with watermelon popsicles, smoothies and cold summer soups.

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