What Does Soursop Taste Like?

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Do you know about soursop? What is it, and what does it taste like? We’ll be answering these questions and more below.


Let’s get into it…

What Does Soursop Taste Like? 

Soursop is definitely tropical in flavor. It’s a little like pineapples and tart-sweet berries, flowery but with a balance of sweet and tangy tastes. There’s also an earthiness to soursop, making it quite interesting.

Some soursops are sweeter than others. Some are mostly tart, but even the tart ones are delicious. You never really know what kind of soursop you’ve got until you try it.

Is Soursop a Fruit? 

Indeed, soursop, or graviola as it’s otherwise called, is the fruit that grows on the Annona muricata tree of Central and South America.

It looks like a large, spiny green mango or pear on the outside. The inside is white with medium-sized black seeds circling the center (keep reading for an important note about the seeds).

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Soursop Texture 

The inner flesh of the soursop fruit is very smooth and creamy, sort of like custard. However, it also has an undeniably fruity texture not unlike guava or mashed banana.

Though we can try to compare soursop to other fruits, eating a soursop is quite a different experience than eating any other fruit. You’ll see what we mean when you try one!

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Can You Eat Soursop Skin? 

When it comes to soursop, only the inside is eaten. The skin of the soursop is tough, and though the spines are not too spiky, they would pose a challenge, anyway.

To eat a soursop, you cut the rind away with a knife, or you make one cut at one end of the fruit and peel like a banana.

Are Soursop Seeds Toxic? 

Yes, soursop seeds are toxic. They have been found to contain neurotoxins, so you want to be sure to avoid them. 

However, the flesh of the soursop is perfectly safe. When you cut open a soursop, simply scoop out the seeds before you eat the white part.

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How Do You Eat Soursop? 

If you’ve never had a soursop, you’ll want to try it fresh and all by itself first to appreciate its rich, exotic flavor. There are also plenty of things you can do with soursop in the world of vegan recipes.

Soursop juice can be a refreshing drink or a zesty ingredient in smoothies, sauces and desserts. You’ll just need your ripened soursop, a blender, some lime juice and a little sugar.

Vegan ice creams are some of the best ways to experiment with different fruits. This one is a coconut milk-based soursop and blueberry ice cream with vanilla and citrus, perfect for a hot summer day.

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Wrap Up

The amazing soursop fruit is somewhere between tangy and sweet with a gentle earthiness that makes it very different from other fruits. Just make sure you don’t ingest the seeds as they do contain neurotoxins. Otherwise, you’re in good shape. If you want to get creative, start cooking with your soursop! Or, “uncook” with your soursop and make raw vegan ice cream with it.

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