Bushes that Start with L (Complete List)

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Are you looking for bushes that start with “L”? Check this article out because here’s a list of all bushes that start with the letter L, along with a brief description.

1. Laburnun

Otherwise known as Golden Chain, these species of bushes are composed of wild yellow flowers that are highly poisonous. These bushes are commonly found in southern Europe and are sometimes used as decorations because of their attractive flowers. In addition, its stems and branches are hard, making a good material for furniture.

2. Lantana

These species of flowering plants produce uniquely shaped flowers in shades of yellow, pink, and red. They are used as house plants in cool climates and were first discovered in America. They also yield fruits similar to blueberries. Lantana plants can actually be deadly to livestock. Because of the toxicity of the plant, it can become deadly to farm animals.

3. Lapageria

This plant is the only one of its species and is termed as the “greater glories of climbers”. It has a unique bell-shaped flower that varies from red to pink. It is only found in Chile and is a rare find outdoors. An interesting fact about the lapageria, it is actually named after Empress Josephine de la Pagerie of France, a well-known gardener.

4. Laurus Nobilis

Commonly known as Bay laurel, this plant is commonly seen outdoors and has bright green point leaves. It is found in the Mediterranean region, although it was first discovered in ancient Greece. Bay laurel is valuable because of its importance as a spice in many cuisines.

5. Lavender

This species of plant is widely known for its purple flowers that secrete a sweet and calming smell. It is found in Africa, Europe, and India. This plant is commonly used for relaxation and cleansing activities. Its flowers only bloom annually and are only available for a short period of time.

6. Lavatera Maritima

This species of plant is composed of trees and shrubs commonly known as Tree mallow. They are known for their beautiful flowers ranging from pink to purple in shade. It attracts butterflies, bees, and other insects. The fun fact about this plant is that the lavatera is actually short-lived. The plant has only a life span of five years with no indicated reason for its short life.

7. Leucothe Fontenasiana

Highland Doghobble, as it is more commonly called, has thick green leaves and small urn-shaped white flowers. It is commonly seen in the southeastern parts of the United States. An interesting fact about his plant is its sensitivity to light? It requires a special acidic soil and a shaded position to avoid light exposure.

8. Ligustrum

This is a special hybrid plant that is composed of bright yellow and green leaves, often seen in mountainous areas. It is favored by gardeners because of its strong roots that make the plant survive animal disturbances. 

9. Lithadora

This plant is primarily used to cover the ground as it produces a horde of beautiful blue flowers. It is found in the US. It is known to withstand different weather conditions.

10. Lonicera

Commonly known as Honeysuckle, this plant is famous for its flowers which are intricately shaped and vary from yellow, pink, and white, as well as its pleasant smell. It also produces a fruit similar to blueberries, which are actually edible. Like actual blueberries, these fruits are used in jams, spreads, candies, and the like.

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