Can I Put a Mason Jar in the Oven?

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Can I put a Mason Jar in the Oven?

Mason jars have been pretty trendy lately. There are so many things you can do with them, from nutritious overnight oat recipes to salads to indulgent desserts.

The rise of mason jars has led many to wonder what else they can do with these useful and quaint little containers. Some even wonder if you can make baked goods in mini-portions by putting a mason jar in the oven.

This may not be a good idea, though. We’ll explain to you here if you can put a mason jar in the oven, and if not, why you can’t.

Can I Put a Mason Jar in the Oven?

Unfortunately, it’s not safe to put your mason jars in the oven. Most mason jars are made from annealed glass. It’s not tempered for use as cookware, so it can’t withstand high temperatures.

Furthermore, the heat of the oven can’t reach the center of the jar and ingredients in it. Because of this, any bacteria in your baked goods is not killed during the baking process, which usually occurs in cookware.

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Will a Mason Jar Explode in the Oven?

"It’s generally best to only put things labeled as “oven safe” into your oven."

No, a mason jar will likely not explode in your oven. Some have even used their ovens to sterilize empty mason jars.

However, because mason jars are made from glass, they are susceptible to thermal shock. This just means that, when exposed to drastic changes in temperature, they’re prone to cracking or even completely shattering. If you were to heat up your mason jar in your oven, then put it in, say, a sink full of icy water, it would probably break.

Just because it probably won’t explode doesn’t mean it’s safe for your oven, though. It’s generally best to only put things labeled as “oven safe” into your oven.

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Can You Bake a Cake in a Mason Jar?

No, you cannot bake cakes in mason jars. Remember, they’re not proofed for high temperatures and they’re not designed in such a way that your ingredients will be thoroughly heated in the center inside your oven.

This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s completely impossible to make a cake in a mason jar – we just recommend maybe trying no-bake recipes. As an example, try giving this vegan no-bake cheesecake jar recipe a try.

Do you know what else you can make in mason jars? Overnight oats! If you’re trying to decide which container is the best for your overnight oats, check out our list for the best container for overnight oats

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Wrap Up

Make no mistake – mason jars are absolutely adorable and multi-functional. They make great storage for cold recipes, like salads and no-bake cakes. On top of that, you can even drink from them if you’d like to set up a more rustic-themed meal.

They should not be used in your oven, though. They’re normally not designed for use in high temperatures.

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