Why Do Mason Jars Break in the Freezer?

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Why Do Mason Jars Break in the Freezer

Have you ever tried to store a mason jar in your freezer? Unless you were careful, you might have experienced the disappointment of your jar breaking.

Mason jars are famous for breaking in various conditions. Despite seeming durable, they can actually be quite fragile.

But why do mason jars break in the freezer? We’ve researched this question and will share what we’ve found with you.

Why Do Mason Jars Break in the Freezer?

The main reason your mason jars break in the freezer is something called thermal shock. This is something that glass in general is susceptible to.

Whenever it’s forced to undergo extreme changes in temperature, a glass jar will break. The glass becomes especially brittle in the cold.

Some types of glass, however, aren’t as prone to breaking in the cold as others. Tempered glass is excellent for freezing, because it doesn’t contain air bubbles that expand and contract in hot and cold temperatures, like normal glass does.

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How Long Can Mason Jars Stay in the Freezer?

The best thing about freezing food is that it vastly prolongs the shelf life. Leftovers that would otherwise need to be eaten within several days can suddenly be preserved for months.

If you’re trying your best to reduce your waste, freezing food is a fantastic idea. But exactly how long can you keep a mason jar frozen?

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The answer will depend on the type of food you have frozen. Different types of food have different shelf lives.

In general, however, you can expect a frozen mason jar to be safe in storage for anywhere from three to five months.

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Wrap Up

Mason jars are one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. When it comes to room-temperature storage, you can’t do much better than an attractive mason jar.

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With the right precautions, you can even freeze your mason jars to greatly increase the shelf life of your food. You’ll just need to make sure you choose the right ones to prevent breakage.

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