Can You Put Hot Drinks in a Mason Jar?

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Can You Put Hot Drinks in a Mason jar?

Let’s face it: mason jars are cute. Aside from being photogenic, they’re absolutely perfect for creating a rustic, country feel in your kitchen.

Besides preservation, many people use these adorable containers to store single-serve portions of food. This leaves some curious about whether or not you can put hot drinks in a mason jar.

We think that’s a great question, so we’ll explain whether it’s safe to put hot liquids in one here, as well as if you can put them in the fridge when they’re warm.

Can You Put Hot Drinks in a Mason Jar?

Hot drink

Yes! You certainly can enjoy your piping hot drinks straight out of a mason jar, but there’s one vital thing to keep in mind: thermal shock.

Pretty much anything made out of glass is vulnerable to thermal shock. If exposed to huge temperature changes, like going from ice-cold water to boiling water, is guaranteed to make them break.

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So you’ll need to be very careful when pouring hot drinks in a mason jar. You’ll want to make sure they’re not cold before you add the drink to them. Consider gradually warming them up first with warm water.

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Can You Brew Hot Coffee into a Mason Jar?

Coffee on Mason jar

So what about coffee – is a freshly brewed cup too hot for your mason jar? Not at all. You can indeed add hot coffee to your jars, but the same precautions should apply regarding thermal shock.

If you’re going to pour fresh coffee directly in, make sure it’s not a frigid jar. Furthermore, think about keeping the mason jar on something that doesn’t stay cold, such as towels or mats.

Pouring or brewing coffee into a jar sitting on a cool countertop could lead to it cracking.

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Can You Put Hot Mason Jars in the Fridge?

Thermal shock applies as much when you’re going from hot to cold as when you’re going from cold to hot. Your mason jar is at risk of breaking if it’s really hot when you put it into a cold fridge.

For the best results, allow your mason jar to gradually cool down beforehand. This will protect sudden swings in temperature from cracking your jar.

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Wrap Up

Mason jars are indeed cute, and they can safely be used for many different functions in your kitchen. You’ll just need to take some precautions to prevent them from breaking so you can enjoy them that much longer.

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All you need to remember is that they’re fragile when exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Going from cold to hot and vice versa quickly can cause them to shatter.

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