Can You Put Mason Jars in the Freezer? (Yes, But Do This First…)

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Can You Put Mason Jars in the Freezer

Are you trying to cut down on your waste? One method you can use is freezing your food, which drastically increases its shelf life.

It seems simple enough as if all you need to do is put your leftovers in a container, stick the whole thing in your freezer, and pull it back out later. Sadly, it’s not always so simple.

Some containers are better for freezing than others. Today, we’ll be looking at whether you can put mason jars in the freezer and, if so, how to do it properly.

Can You Put Mason Jars in the Freezer?

Yes, mason jars can go in your freezer, but there’s a trick to it. The first step is choosing the correct mason jar, which we’ll describe later.

Next, add your food to the jar, but don’t fill it up to the top. There should be at least one inch between your food and the top of the jar.

Mason jars are vulnerable to thermal shock, so you can’t expose them to sudden changes in temperature, or they’ll break. Instead, you’ll need to acclimate them gradually.

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If you put hot food in the jar, let it cool down first. Start by putting it in the fridge. Once the food has cooled, you can move the jar to your freezer, but leave the lid off for a bit.

You can add the lid back to the jar once the food is frozen solid. Following this method will keep your jar from breaking in the freezer.

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Are All Mason Jars Freezer Safe?

"Technically, any mason jar can go in your freezer if you’re careful not to expose it to thermal shock, but some jars are still better for freezing than others."

Technically, any mason jar can go in your freezer if you’re careful not to expose it to thermal shock, but some jars are still better for freezing than others. This has to do with their design and shape.

By choosing a mason jar with the right design, you can ensure that it’s far less likely to crack or shatter.

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So how do you know that a jar will be suitable for freezing? That’s an excellent question!

One easy way to tell is by specifically looking for jars that have been designed for the freezer. For example, in their description, these mason jars say that they were made to be frozen.

Another way to tell if a jar is freezer-safe is by looking at the shape. Wide mouth jars tend to be great, and jars with straight sides are also a good pick. If there’s no bending at the jar’s neck, they can endure colder temperatures as the frozen liquids inside them expand naturally.

Wrap Up

Mason jars are a requirement in pretty much any kitchen. They’re a versatile, multi-purpose tool that can be used in so many different ways.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty adorable, too. They have a rustic aesthetic that just complements a kitchen nicely.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can use your mason jars for, be sure to read our guide about whether or not you can safely microwave them.

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