How Do You Blend Ice Smoothly? (3 Simple Solutions)

ice blended smoothly in a blender cup

If you want to blend ice smoothly, then odds are you're looking to create a slushy type drink in the comfort of your own home. many people run into issues when trying to put ice cubes in their blender because they notice that it doesn't come out quite like it does from a convenience store or when you get a frozen drink from a shop.

Here are three different ways that I like to create a drink that has the texture of smoothly blended ice

Add the Ice Slowly

If you add the ice to your blender all at one time then odds are you're going to get things clogged up. By blending your liquid and adding the ice a few cubes at a time or in different phases and you'll have a much easier time getting a smooth slushie like texture.

When you when you do this you'll notice that the  liquid in the blender will turn into a cyclone and draw everything towards the blades. This is what you want if you truly want your ice to be smooth and not in chunks.

Make sure that before you add new cubes that the previous round of ice cubes you threw in where appropriately homogenized with whatever you are blending.

Use Ice Cubes Made of Fruit Juice or Veggies 

Instead of using ice cubes made of water consider using ice cubes made of frozen fruit (whole)  or frozen fruit juice.

To make the second one, simply pour fruit juice into an ice cube tray and freeze it. When it’s fully frozen, you can use it to make ice cubes that will blend a lot smoother than normal ones.

But the healthier option is to use whole fruit like this:

  • Blend up your favorite fruits with as little water as possible.
  • Keep running the blender until the fruits are totally liquefied.
  • Then pour the blended whole fruits into ice cube trays.
  • When frozen, blend with as little liquid as possible to create a super smooth beverage.

The reason this works is because all of the flavor and the sweetness is already built into the ice cubes. 

This way, your drink won't get watered down and there won't be separation between the ice and liquid you want to drink, but it will still become cold and frozen.

Use Frozen Fruit Instead (My Favorite)

frozen fruit in a blender

When I blend things, I rarely like to use ice cubes at all. This is because frozen fruit blends much smoother and forms a consistency that is creamy. Kind of like ice cream.

The three best fruits to use as frozen ice cubes are…

  • Banana slices
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries (pitted)

You can throw any of those into a smoothie or blended beverage to your heart's content and it will blend smoothly nearly every time, assuming you have a powerful enough blender.

All of the options on our smoothie blender guide found here are great for the job.

Also, if you look at this Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja test that I did in the video below, you can see how I used frozen strawberries to make a drink that was super thick and smooth.

There was no need to use ice cubes at all!


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