Where to Find Mung Beans in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Find Mung Beans in the Grocery Store

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Mung Beans In?

If you’re looking for sprouted mung beans, check the produce area.They may be near the tofu in the refrigerated section or closer to the lettuce and salad veggies.

Dried mung beans can often be found in the aisle with the beans, rice and assorted grains.Otherwise, check the international aisle.They could be placed with the Indian or Asian products.

The bulk aisle might also have dried mung beans.But if you haven’t seen them anywhere, use our store guide below to find mung beans fast…

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  • Amazon– Amazon is a goldmine of grocery items that are difficult to get in your area.Try Amazon forbulk mung beans(which are usually cheaper) and brands of all sorts.
  • Walmart – Walmart sells mung beans fromBob’s Red MillandSadaf. Just note that some items can be purchased in the store while others can be bought online.Use the store locator for availability information.
  • Whole Foods– Whole Foods can help you out.You’ll usually find bulk organic mung beans, sprouts in the produce area anddried, sprouted mung beansin the grain aisle.
  • Your Local Health Food Store– Visit the bulk section of your local health food store to see if you can get bulk mung beans there.If you don’t see them, look in the other aisles for the packaged products.
  • Safeway– Safeway has plenty of options, like LifeForce Mung Bean Sprouts in the produce aisle and dried mung beans in the grain aisle.
  • Kroger – Kroger stores carry truRoots, Now, Bob’s Red Mill and others.
  • Publix – If you’re at a Publix supermarket, you can pick up dried mung beans, if not sprouted.
  • Ethnic Markets– Look for mung beans at Indian and Mediterranean markets and you should have some luck.
  • Asian Markets– Asian markets are good spots to check for sprouted and dried mung beans.

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Great Ways to Use Mung Beans


You can also add seitan or tofu for texture and flavor. If you’re using tofu, press it first to remove excess moisture before marinating. Check out our list for the best tofu press if you’re considering to buy one.