Where to Buy Bean Sprouts and Find Them in the Grocery Store

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Where to Buy Bean Sprouts and Find Them in the Grocery Store

If you’re planning on making a tasty vegan curry or stir fry, chances are, you’re considering adding some bean sprouts to the mix. Unfortunately, unless you already have them on hand, bean sprouts can be difficult to find.

No need to worry, though – we’ve done the research for you. In this post, we’ll show you where to buy bean sprouts, as well as which aisles you can find them in in grocery stores.

If you don’t want to make a trip to the store, you can also click the links in the below table to order bean sprouts online.

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Where to Buy Bean Sprouts

1. Whole Foods

If you’ve got a Whole Foods in your neighborhood, there’s a chance they could carry some bean sprouts. Swing by their produce section and you might find their Salad Cosmo Organic Mung Bean Sprouts.

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2. Publix

Another great option is your local Publix. It might have canned Geisha Bean Sprouts in 14.5-ounce servings.

3. Albertson’s

You may find a couple varieties of bean sprouts at your Albertson’s store. One option is prepackaged and fresh California Sprouts and another option is canned La Choy sprouts.

4. Piggly Wiggly

There’s a chance your Piggly Wiggly could carry sprouts, as well. If they do, they are most likely canned La Choy sprouts.

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5. Fresh Market

Make a trip to your nearby Fresh Market location if you have one. They have a few varieties of sprouts available, including Sunny Creek Farm Mung Bean Sprouts in 5-ounce packages.

6. Meijer

You might be able to find bean sprouts at Meijer, too. They sometimes have canned store brand bean sprouts in stock.

7. Walmart

When all else fails, good old Walmart could be the perfect place to check. Your local Walmart could have some La Choy canned bean sprouts on hand.

8. Stop & Shop

If you’re not finding them anywhere else, you might be able to grab some bean sprouts at your Stop & Shop. They often carry La Choy brand canned bean sprouts.

9. Amazon

Like many other stores, Amazon has a ton of canned goods to order, as well. You’ll likely find La Choy canned bean sprouts on their site.

10. Target

Target’s diverse selection includes bean sprouts. If your local Target has them, they are probably canned La Choy bean sprouts.

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11. Asian Markets

If your area has one, Asian markets are a great place to stop for all kinds of ingredients used in traditional Asian cuisine. Of course, that includes bean sprouts.

What Grocery Store Aisle Bean Sprouts Are In

Packed Bean sprouts

Now that we’ve told you which stores to check for bean sprouts, it’s time to explain where you’ll find them in the store.

The location of the bean sprouts could be different from store to store and depending on the type of bean sprout. For example, fresh bean sprouts are likely to be in the produce section. You’ll probably find them in clear plastic packages and on refrigerated shelves.

If the store in question has canned bean sprouts, though, you might find them in a couple different aisles. Start by looking in the canned goods section. If your bean sprouts aren’t there, then they’re probably in the international foods aisle.

Wrap Up

Bean sprouts can be surprisingly difficult to find these days. There are two main reasons for this.

Because they wilt so fast, many grocery stores aren’t able to keep them stocked on shelves. On top of that, sprouts are prone to bacteria, which makes them risky for customers. These factors combined make them less than desirable for the average store.

However, by checking any of the stores in our guide, you’re likely to find some bean sprouts to bring home. If you don’t, you can always order them online.