Where to Find Dried Mushrooms in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Trying to figure out where to find dried mushrooms in the grocery store? We'll show you which aisles to check...

A close-up of mixed dried mushrooms.

We'll also tell you which stores typically carry them...

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Dried Mushrooms In?

There are several different spots grocery stores keep dried mushrooms in, the first of which is often the produce area. Look in displays with garlic and shallots or around the fresh mushrooms.

If they're not in the produce section, check the canned vegetable and condiment aisles next. They may be on the shelves or in separate displays.

Grocery stores sometimes place dried mushrooms in displays near ingredients commonly cooked with them. This means that you may find them in the pasta and grain aisles.

Finally, check the bulk aisle. But if you're not finding them, use our store guide below...

What Stores Sell Dried Mushrooms?

  • Amazon - Not only can you get dried mushrooms on Amazon if they're not readily available in your area, you can select from dozens of varieties. You'll find porcini mushrooms, shiitakes, gourmet mixes and anything else you might need for a recipe. Look for bulk mushrooms in particular as these can be cheaper.
  • Walmart - Look in the canned goods and pasta aisles of Walmart for dried mushrooms from brands like Roland and Mother Earth Products. The online store locator will show you which products are available in every location.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Visit any natural food store to see if you can pick up bulk dried mushrooms.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods typically sells dried porcini mushrooms in the produce or bulk area.
  • Safeway - Safeway keeps dried mushroom in a few different areas. Check the produce and grain aisles.
  • Trader Joe's - Shopping at Trader Joe's? Check out the store brand of dried mushrooms.
  • Kroger - Kroger carries dried porcini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and gourmet blends.
  • Publix - If you shop at Publix, look for Phillips Mushroom Farms Dried Wild Stir-fry Mix Mushrooms.
  • Farmers Markets - Sometimes farmers markets have dried mushrooms for sale. You can often find heirloom varieties you wouldn't see in supermarkets.
  • Asian Markets - Asian markets are excellent sources of various types of dried mushrooms.

Great Ways to Use Dried Mushrooms

Serve Them with Pasta

Porcini mushrooms are scrumptious with pasta. When you rehydrate them, you'll want to reserve the soak water, which retains the flavor of the mushrooms. Then you can add a little into the pasta dish you're making and save some to use as a veggie stock.

Turn Them into Vegan Carnitas

Mushrooms make fabulous mock meats, fresh or dried. But when you have the dried kind, you'll get a naturally chewy texture. Just be sure to rehydrate the mushrooms first.

Make Soup

The concentrated flavor released from dried mushrooms while they're soaking makes for an excellent soup. Use a recipe like this one as a base for vegan miso, ramen or any kind of vegetable soup.

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