Where to Find Edamame in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Find Edamame in the Grocery Store

We’ll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry it…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Edamame In?

The most common area to find edamame in is the frozen section of the grocery store.Look in the freezers with the vegetables or even the frozen natural food section.

Edamame shelled and in pods in two bowls side by side.

What Stores Sell Edamame?

  • Amazon– If you don’t think you can get edamame anywhere in your area, you can buy it right on Amazon.This is a good spot to look for bothshelled edamameanddried edamamesnacks.
  • Walmart – You have a few different options at Walmart, includingedamame in pods,shelled edamameandroasted edamame. Use the online store locator for product availability information.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods has 365 brand edamame (both shelled and in pods) in the frozen produce aisle.
  • Safeway – You can pick up a variety of brands and edamame products at Safeway, like fresh edamame beans in the produce section and Signature Kitchens Shelled Edamame in the freezers.
  • Trader Joe’s– Shopping at Trader Joe’s?Look for the store brand of edamame in the frozen section.
  • Target– Target is a convenient stop for houshold and grocery items. Look in the frozen vegetables forMarket Pantry Steam-in-Bag Edamameor the dried fruit aisle forSimply Balanced Salted Edamame
  • Kroger – Check Kroger’s frozen produce aisle for Birds Eye, Woodstock Farms, Wel-Pac and Eda-Zen.
  • Publix – Publix offers frozen edamame, but you may also see fresh edamame in the produce area.
  • Asian Markets– Asian markets often have fresh or frozen edamame.

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Use It in Dips

Make Veggie Burgers

Make Japanese Fried Rice

Edamame adds a lovely firm texture to fried rice.Try this Japanese recipe with seaweed or any egg-free fried rice recipe you have handy.A quick note: If you use pre-fried tofu>, just be sure that it wasn’t prepared with dashi (fish stock) and that it’s vegan.Or you can pan-fry your own tofu, which is just as easy. Consider pressing the tofu first to remove excess moisture. This can help make the tofu more flavor-rich and improve the texture. Check out our top picks for the