Where Is Molasses in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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Where Is Molasses in the Grocery Store

Looking for molasses in the grocery store? We’ll point you in the right direction. Here are the aisles to check…

We’ll also tell you which stores generally carry it…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Molasses In?

bottled molasses

If you need molasses, look in the baking aisle first. It may be where the liquid ingredients like corn syrup are, but it’s often placed near the sugar.

The second place to look is in the maple syrup in the breakfast food aisle. This is not an uncommon place to find it. 

It could also be in the natural food aisle if you have one in your grocery store. If you’re not finding it, refer to our store guide below. These places are sure to stock molasses…

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What Stores Sell Molasses?

  • Amazon – You can get gallon jugs of molasses on Amazon. This is often the cheaper route, which is great if you use a lot of molasses.
  • Walmart – Look for Grandma’s Original Molasses, Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses, and others at Walmart. The company’s online store locator will help you narrow down availability in each store.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods carries products like Wholesome Organic Molasses
  • Your Local Health Food Store – Any health food store will offer some type of molasses.
  • Target – Target stores everywhere sell Simply Balanced Organic Blackstrap Molasses.
  • Safeway – If you shop at Safeway, look for Grandma’s and Brer Rabbit.
  • Trader Joe’s – Pick up Trader Joe’s Organic Blackstrap Molasses if you’re by a Trader Joe’s store.
  • Kroger – Kroger should have Grandma’s, if not other brands as well.
  • Publix – You can find Grandma’s at Publix supermarkets, too.
  • Wegmans – Look for Grandma’s or Wholesome Organic Molasses in the baking aisle of Wegmans.

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Great Ways to Use Molasses

Bake Vegan Molasses Cookie

Chewy, sweet molasses cookies are classic treats everyone loves. Molasses is the starring ingredient, but don’t forget the ginger for a spicy kick. You can also use molasses in vegan dessert bars, cakes, and muffins.

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Use It in Pancakes

Even if you’re not making vegan gingerbread pancakes, as you see in this video, you can add molasses to your favorite pancake recipe to deepen the flavor. Or try mixing it into any pancake or waffle topping.

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Make Vegan Baked Beans with It

Molasses’ earthy and sweet characteristics add something essential to vegan baked beans. This is an excellent recipe to have on hand for a comfort food night.

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