Where Is Pizza Sauce in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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Looking for pizza sauce in the grocery store? There are a few different aisles it could be in, so we’ll show you which ones to check…

Pizza sauce in a bowl with tomatoes, garlic and basil.

We’ll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry it…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Pizza Sauce In?

First, try the pasta sauce aisle. If you aren’t seeing pizza sauce there, look in the aisle with other types of sauces.

In many grocery stores you can actually find pizza sauce in a separate pizza section. This may be near the produce area or the deli. Look for any coolers with pizza dough and cheese.

Not having any luck? Check our store guide below…

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What Stores Sell Pizza Sauce?

  • Amazon – Especially if you’re searching for a particular brand of pizza sauce, check Amazon. There are plenty of vendors and products to choose from.
  • Walmart – If you go to the condiment and sauce aisle at Walmart, you’ll see pizza sauce from brands like Great Value and Don Pepino. You can also use the store locator on Walmart’s website to check product availability in your area.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods has 365 brand pizza sauce in the pasta aisle, but you may also see freshly made pizza sauce around the deli.
  • Target – Look for Simply Balanced and other brands by the sauces and marinades at Target.

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  • Safeway – Going to Safeway? Try the pasta aisle for pizza sauce.
  • Trader Joe’s – Pizza sauce may only be at certain Trader Joe’s stores, but it’s worth a look.
  • Kroger – You can pick up Classico, Pomi and Mezzetta in the pasta aisle at Kroger.
  • Publix – Publix sells store brand pizza sauce, which you should find in the pasta aisle.

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Great Ways to Use Pizza Sauce

Make Vegan Pizza

This one may be pretty obvious, but pizza is all about the toppings. With a good sauce as your base, you can get pretty inventive with your vegan pizza styles. Here are a few for inspiration.

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Make Pizza Nachos

Pizza nachos, you say? This idea seems so simple, yet so brilliant. It might even be the perfect way to make vegan pizza when you don’t have any dough in the house.

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Make Pizza Rolls

Did you know you could have pizza so many different ways? Make traditional pizza rolls with red sauce or have it on the side to dip vegan pesto pizza rolls into.

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