Where are Peanuts Grown?

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Where are Peanuts Grown?

Quick – name the first five nuts that come to mind.

Have you thought of five nuts yet? We can probably guess what at least one of them was: peanuts.

Peanuts are highly popular. They’re used in candy bars, snack mixes, peanut butter, and often eaten by themselves. You can roast them, toast them, glaze them, season them, or even boil them.

These versatile nuts had to come from somewhere, though – they didn’t just show up on our shelves one day. The majority of people likely don’t know where they came from.

That’s why we’re dedicating an article to where peanuts are grown.

Where are Peanuts Grown?

Peanuts are grown in countries all over the world. Some of the main growing countries are China, India, the US, and Nigeria.

They just require a few specific conditions in order to grow. As long as they have sandy soil and warm weather all growing season, they can flourish.

Many farmers actually use them in crop rotations, because peanuts can help increase a soil’s fertility.

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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Peanuts?

Peanuts may come from a range of places, but it’s true that there’s one country that outshines all other producers: China.

Every year, the world as a whole produces approximately 47 million tons of peanuts. China singlehandedly adds 17 million tons to that amount.

The next-closest producer, India, creates around half that number at 9 million tons of peanuts per year.

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Does Canada Grow Peanuts?

"Canada may not be one of the world’s top producers of peanuts, but peanuts are still indeed grown there."

Canada may not be one of the world’s top producers of peanuts, but peanuts are still indeed grown there. At this point in time, however, only the province of Ontario produces Canadian peanuts.

Are Peanuts Grown in the UK?

Peanuts are not grown commercially in the UK. The warm weather and sandy soil they need to grow aren’t commonly found there.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to grow peanuts there – it just means you’ll have to fake their ideal growing conditions.

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If you’d like to grow your own peanuts in the UK, you’ll need to purchase the seeds first. You’ll want to grow them over the course of the late spring and summer to ensure they get the warmth they need.

Begin by planting them in a pot on a windowsill. Make sure you use well-draining soil. Once the weather has warmed up sufficiently, you can transfer them to the ground outside.

They need around 500mm of water each growing season. If you provide water to them regularly, they should be ready to harvest around four months after planting.

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Wrap Up

Peanuts are pretty common in stores everywhere these days, but most of them actually come from China. If you’d like a real challenge, try growing some of your own peanuts right at home.

Under the right conditions, you’ll get to enjoy homegrown peanuts within four months of planting them.