What is Baby Eggplant?

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What is Baby Eggplant?

With virtually any plant, there’s a range of types and subtypes. Something as simple as a tomato or potato can have tons of varieties with their own looks, sizes, and flavors.

Eggplant is no exception to this. There are many types of eggplants out there, each one as unique as the last.

But when you add the word “baby” to the mix, it gets a bit confusing, because it can refer to immature plants or sometimes a specific variety. So what is baby eggplant, exactly?

We’ve cooked up a short guide about that subject here. Make yourself comfortable, and we’ll share with you what we’ve learned.

Quick Answer: What is Baby Eggplant?

Baby eggplant is a nickname for a specific variety. It refers to Indian eggplants.

This variety is comparable in size to grapes or cherry tomatoes, which might be why its nickname is baby.

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Where Can You Get Baby Eggplant?

You might not see Indian eggplants all that often in mass grocery store chains. Nevertheless, you can try checking the produce section of your local store, anyway.

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These cute little fruits are pretty distinct. They look like miniature eggplants that are a little larger than grapes.

If you can’t find them in your local store or farmer’s market, you can always consider purchasing a seed pack to cultivate your own.

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How to Grow Your Own Baby Eggplant

Interested in growing your own eggplant? That’s a wonderful step to take, and gives you the power to enjoy this tasty plant as fresh as you want.

The issue with eggplant is it can get a little fussy. You need to have a good understanding of the soil, water, and light eggplant needs. If you want to get really in-depth on how to grow eggplant, you can take a look at this article, but we’ll cover some of the basics here.

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Eggplants often need to be started several weeks before frosts are finished. For that reason, many gardeners grow them in their own homes or in a greenhouse.

Put them a quarter of an inch into their soil. Eggplants like a lot of water, so make sure you’re giving them one or two inches of it per week.

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This water is best given all at one time each week. By watering them like this, the moisture is able to sink deep into the eggplant’s roots, which is what they need.

If you choose to transplant the eggplants from a container to a garden, make sure you keep an eye on pests and diseases. Look for signs of discoloration in the leaves and fruits.

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Wrap Up

Baby eggplants, as you might have guessed from the name, are an adorable petite size. You can hold several of them in your hands at once. They’re actually called Indian eggplants, and they likely get their cute nickname from their small stature.

If you can find them in your store or grow them on your own, we strongly recommend giving them a try.

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