Rosa Bianca Eggplant Size

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Rosa Bianca Eggplant Size

If you’re thinking about adding a new plant to your garden, there’s a lot you need to look into first. On top of learning what it needs to thrive, you might want to know about its size.

What if you don’t have a lot of extra space for gardening? Then you obviously wouldn’t want a plant that takes up several feet and that you’d struggle to find room for.

The same considerations apply when you’re considering adding Rosa Bianca eggplant to your garden. You’ll probably want to know all you can about it, including Rosa Bianca eggplant’s size.

We’ll describe everything you need to know about its dimensions, so you can decide if it’s your next gardening challenge.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant Size

There are two parts of any eggplant: the fruit (which is the part you eat) and the plant that the fruit goes on. We’ll be looking at both these parts so you have a better idea of the full size.

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Rosa Bianca eggplants are bit more petite than other varieties. They’re short and round as opposed to oval-shaped. In total, they grow to have a diameter of 4-6 inches and a length of 5-7 inches.

You won’t need to struggle to find room for these in your kitchen.

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Rows of eggplant tend to need at least two feet of space in between them. Their leaves and plants spread pretty wide and tall. They’ll grow to be a few feet in height, and the leaves will easily touch even if you space the rows far enough apart.

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Many people will use tomato supports to keep the plant well-supported as it grows.

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More About Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Why should you choose to grow or eat Rosa Bianca eggplant?

For one thing, consider its flavor. It has a mild, creamy, and sweet taste which earned it a place in Italian kitchens for hundreds of years.

Beyond the taste, there’s the looks. Rosa Bianca eggplant is about as pretty as its name. It has the shape of a mini-pumpkin with violet and cream-colored streaks going up its sides.

If you choose not to eat it, it’s got the looks to sit as a centerpiece on your table for a period of time, or it could brighten up your garden.

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Wrap Up

The fruit of the Rosa Bianca eggplant is smaller in size, but the actual plant can get surprisingly large. For that reason, you’ll need either a larger planter or enough space in a garden to allow a couple feet between rows.

Nevertheless, we think this plant deserves a space in your home. Give it a try if you’re an eggplant enthusiast or something who likes exotic-looking plants.

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