Does Arugula Taste Like Spinach?

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Does Arugula Taste Like Spinach

Looking at arugula and spinach, one can see the similarities. They’re both fairly large green leaves, although arugula has distinct points and spinach is rounded.

If you like spinach and you’re interested in trying arugula, you might be wondering if arugula tastes like spinach. We’ll be comparing these two vegetables here, as well as discussing the uses for arugula in recipes.

Keep reading to learn more about the culinary sensation that is arugula.

Quick Answer: Does Arugula Taste Like Spinach?

Not quite. Spinach has a taste that’s a little on the sweet side, while arugula’s taste is bitter and peppery.

Texture is one thing these vegetables have in common, though. They’re both soft and tender, lacking the crunch you get in some types of lettuce.

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How Can You Use Arugula?

Arugula is a flexible vegetable. It can be used in pretty much any savory recipe you can think of.

It’s most popular in salads, though. Those who find salads a little boring can add some arugula for a spicy kick that brings any other leafy greens to life.

Some will sprinkle arugula leaves onto a freshly baked pizza. The pepper-like flavor of the leaves adds some lovely depth to the tomato. We think it would be simple to achieve a similar effect with a vegan pizza.

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Arugula leaves are an increasingly popular addition to smoothies, too. Like with salads, they can bring some zest to an otherwise uninteresting smoothie.

If you’re looking for a recipe to try that uses arugula, we suggest trying the below salad recipe. The video even teaches you how to make an indulgent maple tahini dressing that makes this extraordinary salad anything but boring.

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Are There Any Foods Comparable to Arugula?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to ease yourself into trying new things, or you already like arugula and want to try similar options, there are substitutes out there.

Watercress might be the most comparable in regards to flavor. Like arugula, it has a zippy, peppery taste that breathes life into any plate.

Radicchio is another surprisingly good substitute. Its flavor is on the bitter side of the spectrum, which is a good imitation of arugula. The main difference here will be the look; most types of arugula are green and resemble dandelion leaves, while radicchio has a vivid red color with white stripes that look like veins.

Speaking of dandelion greens…they’re also another great substitute for arugula. They look very similar to arugula leaves, and their bitterness is reminiscent of arugula, too.

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Wrap Up

Arugula and spinach might not taste exactly the same, but we think they both have their own good qualities to bring to any meal. Either one can be used in a huge range of recipes, from smoothies to soups to lively salads.

As a bonus, they’re both incredibly healthy for you. We suggest trying to use both as often as you can.

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