Does Arugula Need to be Refrigerated?

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Does Arugula Need to be Refrigerated

Storing veggies can be a difficult and frustrating experience. A lot of the time, even when you store them correctly, they can rapidly rot. Store them improperly, and you can’t expect them to last long at all.

Arugula is no exception to this rule. As a leafy green, it can deteriorate quickly, and storing it can be finicky.

In this guide, we’ll be writing about if arugula needs to be refrigerated, and how to store it so it lasts as long as possible.

Quick Answer: Does Arugula Need to be Refrigerated?

Yes. Ideally, homegrown or store bought arugula is kept in your fridge before you eat it. This will keep it stable for as long as possible.

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How to Properly Store Arugula

We’ve already established that arugula needs to be refrigerated, but it’s not as simple as shoving a handful of it into your vegetable crisper. You’ll need to take some extra steps beforehand.

First, wash and dry your arugula carefully. Washing your veggies before storage is always a good practice.

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Once your arugula is dry, wrap the leaves in paper towels. Put the paper towel-wrapped leaves in a sealable bag and store the whole bag in your fridge’s vegetable crisper drawer.

Alternatively, you can line the inside of a plastic container with paper towel. Place your arugula over the paper towel, and then cover it with some more paper towel before sealing the container. This container would also go in your fridge.

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How Long Does Arugula Last for in Storage?

If you’ve stored it correctly using the methods we described, your arugula will be safe to eat for up to ten days. However, it will taste best if you can use it within six days.

Know the Signs of When Arugula Has Gone Bad

How do you know when you need to throw out your arugula? This is important, so you don’t eat it after it has gone bad.

Fortunately, the signs are pretty obvious. Instead of being a healthy green, arugula past its prime will get dark patches on the leaves. The leaves may also start to get mushy or damp.

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Instead of being distinct and healthy-looking, the arugula will start to wither. It will have a shriveled and limp appearance.

You can also tell your arugula needs to go based on its smell. It will develop a sour, slightly rotten odor as opposed to its normal spicy smell.

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Wrap Up

Like many other vegetables, arugula can be delicate once it’s been harvested. You have to take the right actions to store it, otherwise it won’t last you very long at all.

But by wrapping it in paper towels and placing it in a sealed container, you extend the amount of time you can use it for. Hopefully, though, you’ll still be able to eat it quickly so it doesn’t lose its flavor!

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