Does Arugula Taste Good Cooked?

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Does Arugula Taste Good Cooked

A lot of veggies taste completely different when you cook them. Cooking them can also create a pleasant aroma in your kitchen that only whets your appetite.

If you’re wondering whether arugula tastes good cooked or if you should just stick to eating it raw, we’d be happy to answer that question for you. In this short article, we’ll discuss what happens when you cook arugula.

Quick Answer: Does Arugula Taste Good Cooked?

We can’t really apply one answer to everyone here. People’s tastes differ. While cooked arugula may taste good to us, you may dislike the texture or the taste.

That means the answer to this question is a perhaps unsatisfying “it depends.” However, we personally feel that cooked arugula tastes great. Some might even prefer it, because cooking arugula can reduce the bitterness of its taste.

It also wilts like spinach when cooked, which makes it easy to squeeze into packed dishes.

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How to Cook Arugula

There are two main ways to cook arugula: frying or steaming.

We’ll start with describing steaming. One of the easiest ways to steam any veggie is with an actual vegetable steamer. If you don’t have an actual vegetable steamer, though, you can still steam arugula with the aluminum foil method.

All you need to do is make at least three aluminum foil balls about the size of golf balls. Fill the bottom of a pan with half an inch of water, then place your foil balls inside. Rest a plate on top of the balls, then place your arugula on the plate.

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Cover the top of the pot, and when you boil the water, the arugula will be steamed.

Frying is perhaps a little bit quicker, depending on the heat of your stovetop. Add a little oil to a frying pan, then warm up on medium heat. Once the pan is warm enough, toss some arugula in for up to two minutes.

A word of caution: arugula cooks very quickly, so keep an eye on it. If you cook it too much, it can become slimy.

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What Can You Put Cooked Arugula In?

"There’s a surprising amount of things you can use cooked arugula in."

There’s a surprising amount of things you can use cooked arugula in. You can even eat it by itself by adding some additional flavors like garlic or spices.

Some examples of recipes cooked arugula would blend into well include soup, pasta, and grilled salads. Really, the limits here are only what you can imagine.

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Wrap Up

Arugula is one of the most flexible veggies out there. In some ways, it’s a shame that most people use it only for salads when there are so many other uses.

This vegetable has been popular in some countries for hundreds of years. In all that time, arugula has seen use in a stunning array of recipes. We hope to see that same creativity applied around the world now that it’s enjoying some mainstream popularity.

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