Do Greenhouses Attract Rats?

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Do Greenhouses Attract Rats

Gardens can be more than just pretty or satisfying to you. Unfortunately, many animals and insects can view your garden as a lovely and convenient buffet – especially if you’re growing vegetables or fruits.

To better protect your garden, you’ll need to understand what kinds of pests could be drawn to it. If you’re wondering whether or not greenhouses attract rats, you’ve come to the right place.

In this brief guide, we’ll discuss if rats pose a threat to greenhouses, and if so, what you can do about it humanely.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Attract Rats?

The bad news is yes, greenhouses can certainly attract rats and other rodents. It might not even necessarily be the delicious plants you’re growing – some rats may seek your greenhouse out simply because it provides them shelter from the elements.

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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Greenhouse (Without Using Traps or Poison)

Even if rodents can be incredibly annoying (especially when they’re destroying the garden you’ve worked so hard on!), you likely don’t wish them any harm. Luckily, there are ways you can deal with rodents and keep a clean conscience.

You can keep rats out of your greenhouse by doing the following:

  • Cleaning up any clutter.
  • Using ultrasonic rat repelling devices.
  • Blocking entry holes.
  • Shaking up their routine.
  • Making it harder to reach your plants.
  • Making sure you don’t have sources of drinking water.
  • Keeping your bird feeders away from your greenhouse.

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Clean up the clutter.

"When rats see they don’t have any places to crawl into, they’ll be much less inclined to stay."

Rats love to make their homes in things such as piles of trash or wood. Make sure you don’t give them the opportunity by clearing your greenhouse of any clutter.

When rats see they don’t have any places to crawl into, they’ll be much less inclined to stay.

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Invest in ultrasound rat repelling devices.

Believe it or not, there are some devices out there created to repel rats with nothing more than a sound. Ultrasonic pest repellers like this one work by emitting a high frequency sound that you can’t hear.

Even though you can’t hear it, rats certain can. The sound is so annoying to them, that they’re driven away by it. Best of all, it doesn’t do any harm to them beyond a little irritation.

Block any possible entry holes.

Rats like to crawl into your greenhouse through convenient holes and cracks. It’s like leaving the door wide open for them and inviting them in.

Seal up any openings in your greenhouse so they won’t have an easy entrance. If you have a dirt floor in your greenhouse, consider covering it with something like a sheet of metal, so rats can’t dig their way in.

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Shake up their routine.

Like many people, rats are creatures of habit. When they’ve established a presence somewhere, you can usually see their favorite paths along walls and entrances.

If you notice rat runs in your greenhouse, disrupt their routine. Move things around. Place things in their path.

This will make a familiar situation unfamiliar to them, which is unappealing.

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Make it harder to get to your plants.

Your garden could potentially be a source of food to rats. By making it more difficult for rats to reach your plants, they might see that it’s more of a hassle to get into your garden than it’s worth.

You can do this by raising planters off the ground or covering your garden. High shelving can be perfect for this.

Make sure there are aren’t sources of drinking water.

"If you have something they can drink from in your greenhouse, you’re just providing refreshment to them."

Rats, like any other animal, need water. If you have something they can drink from in your greenhouse, you’re just providing refreshment to them.

Scan your greenhouse carefully for any dripping faucets, standing puddles, or drains. Check that all of these things are secure or dried up.

Without the free drink, rats are much less likely to want to be in your greenhouse.

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Don’t keep bird feeders near the greenhouse.

Bird seed is something rats love to eat. As appealing as it is to watch birds flit around your greenhouse, consider moving your bird feeders farther away.

That’s because bird seed often drops to the ground while birds are eating. This bird seed is a magnet for rodents, who see it as an easy meal. If it’s scattered around the base of your greenhouse, rats will notice the structure and search for ways to get inside.

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Wrap Up

Rats can and do get into greenhouses. The sheltered space and potential for food are just too good for them to pass up.

However, with some precautions, you can keep rats away without causing them any harm. For the most part, these precautions involve making a few minor changes to the environment that make your greenhouse less desirable to them, like clearing up piles of clutter.