Do Greenhouses Hold Heat at Night?

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Do Greenhouses Hold Heat at Night

It’s obvious that greenhouses can get warm during the day. Their panels are created specifically to draw in sunlight without baking your plants, which makes them ideal for climates with drastic weather conditions.

But do greenhouses hold that heat at night? That’s an interesting question, and one we’ll be happy to inform you on today. We’ll explain the answer to that question and more in this post.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Hold Heat at Night?

In short, the answer to that question is yes…sort of. You can’t expect your greenhouse to hold the heat as well as it does while the sun is high in the sky above it, but it can retain heat over night.

You’ll just need to make sure you set up your greenhouse so it either retains the heat you need or cools down, depending on your environment.

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Temperature Control in Your Greenhouse Overnight

The nights can get cold at certain times of the year and in specific areas around the world. If you want your greenhouse to stay warm at night in those places, there are some things you can do to keep the daily heat inside.

One of the neatest tricks we’ve ever come across is using 55-gallon rainwater barrels like these ones. Fill them up with water and store a few of them in your greenhouse.

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During the day, the water will absorb some of the heat coming from the sunlight. At night, the barrels of water will give off a little heat. The key here is to have as many of them as possible in your greenhouse in places where they’ll catch the sunlight in the day.

You can also insulate your greenhouse. By lining the walls with bubble wrap or buy sealing up cracks with tape, you can keep the inside at the temperature you need. It prevents air from getting in when you don’t want it to.

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So what if you want your greenhouse to cool down at night? Ventilation will be your best friend in that regard. Make sure you get a greenhouse with a few vents in the sides or roof to release heat.

There are quite a few greenhouses that use automatic vents, too. These will open on their own when the temperature gets too high, instead of requiring you to open them manually.

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Wrap Up

"It may not be quite as hot as during the day, but if you’d like to warm it up even more, there are steps you can take."

Greenhouses gather a lot of heat during the day. That is a huge part of what they were invented to do.

Naturally, this means some of that heat lingers during the night. It may not be quite as hot as during the day, but if you’d like to warm it up even more, there are steps you can take.

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Using rainwater barrels and insulation will help you get the best use out of any lingering heat from the sun. If you’re looking to cool your greenhouse down, ventilation will help you.

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