Best Greenhouses for Northern California – Top 6 Options

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Best Greenhouses for Northern California

California is an incredibly diverse state in every possible way. That includes its climate.

Depending on where you’re located in the state, the gardening issues you’d have will vary quite a bit. That’s because the state is full of what are called microclimates, or areas where the overall conditions are different from their surroundings.

Because of this drastic climate variation, keeping a greenhouse in Northern California can be difficult. However, it’s certainly possible with the right greenhouse.

We’re going to show you the best greenhouses for Northern California. We’ll describe why each of these greenhouses is a worthy contender, as well as how to decide which one is right for you.

Best Greenhouses for Northern California

Riga Greenhouse

Riga Greenhouse

The Riga Greenhouse is one you could put pretty much anywhere in California, and expect your plants to flourish in it. A large part of this is the vents in the ceiling, which are completely automatic.

That means you don’t have to do anything to them. They’ll open by themselves when it gets too hot. On those longer summer days, this greenhouse will fight the heat for you by venting some of the hot air through these windows.

As an extra convenient bonus, the greenhouse has shelves in it. You can use the built-in shelving to hold pots or gardening supplies – whatever you see fit to put there.


  • No additional tools necessary for assembly.
  • If you live at a high altitude, you’ll love how this greenhouse can hold up to 180 pounds of snow.
  • Made from materials that are resistant to weather, UV rays, rot, and mildew.
  • Automatic vents on the top will open by themselves on hot days.
  • Includes shelves for storage.


  • No reported issues yet.

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Mt. Hood Greenhouse

One of the best things about this greenhouse is its frame. It’s made from redwood, which is both natural and heat-efficient.

The base, on the other hand, is made from organic plastic. It has properties which make it resistant to fungus and bugs. You don’t have to worry about it disrupting the look of the greenhouse, though, because the base is designed to look as if it’s also made from wood.

Perhaps best of all, the plastic used to make the base is recycled. Because of the natural redwood frame and recycled base, this is a greenhouse you can feel good about buying.


  • Automatic vents on the roof and back wall.
  • The base is made from recycled plastic that resists fungus and insects.
  • Beautiful redwood frame.
  • Withstands winds up to 100 mph.
  • The only tools you’ll need to set it up are a ladder, tape measure, and power drill.


  • Some owners felt the assembly instructions weren’t easy to understand.

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Do you live in a mountainous area where there’s a lot of snowfall in the colder months? Palram’s Bella Hobby Greenhouse might just be your match.

The bell shape lets snow slide right off of it. It also allows wind to flow smoothly over, boosting its ability to resist high winds.

Of course, it has a functional roof vent at the top, too, to let excess heat escape. When you’re finished gardening for the time being, you can even lock the door behind you for security.


  • Snow won’t pile up on top of it because of its pointed shape.
  • Has a roof vent so heat isn’t trapped inside.
  • The door can be locked between uses.
  • Its polycarbonate panels are twin-walled for increased insulation.
  • Resistant to UV rays and rust.


  • A few customers noted that it takes a long time to assemble.

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Like the Victorian in its name, here is a greenhouse you could imagine being on the lawn of a classic Victorian mansion. The points on the ridge of the roof give it a look you won’t soon forget.

On the inside, there’s a misting system already built right in. All you need to do is get a hose to hook it up to a faucet.

It also has amazing insulation, due to the seals around each tempered glass window. You can safely expect a stable environment inside the Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse.


  • Seals around each window insulate the greenhouse well.
  • Has a misting system built into it already.
  • Gorgeous and classic Victorian design.
  • Includes vents in the roof that open automatically.


  • None reported yet.

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Grand Gardener Greenhouse

If you’re in need of a large amount of space for your garden, the Grand Gardener could fit the bill for you. Measuring at 8 feet wide and 20 feet deep, there’s plenty of room for gardening within.

The panels on the sides and roof are made from double-walled polycarbonate. Not only does this increase the insulation, but it’s remarkably durable.

In a row down the top, there’s a series of vents. These are perfect for keeping your plants cool on hot days.


  • Extra-large size for larger gardens.
  • The rounded shape of the greenhouse gives you plenty of room to stand in.
  • Twin walling and the resin frame combine to provide the ultimate level of insulation.
  • Double doors on the front grant you easy access to the greenhouse.
  • The panels are UV and impact-resistant.


  • Some customers have stated that they thought the assembly was challenging.

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Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse

Are you worried that you’re not handy enough to put together a greenhouse by yourself? That worry is a thing of the past with the Snap & Grow Greenhouse. Its polycarbonate panels simply slide into place in the frame, much like sliding a piece of paper into a folder.

Everything about this greenhouse was created to be easy for you. For instance, the vent on top is automatic, which means it will open on its own when it gets too hot.

There are even exterior gutters built on the top to help keep rainwater from pooling right at the base of the greenhouse.


  • Can hold up to 15.4 pounds of snow.
  • Has an automatic vent on the roof.
  • Resistant to UV rays, rotting, and mildew.
  • The panels can just slide into place, making assembly much easier.


  • Assembling it can take several hours or more.

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What to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse for Northern California


Northern California is a diverse setting. Climates can differ even from city to city, with some areas getting pretty cold during the winter and other areas on the coast remaining pretty mild year-round.

One thing that can be said for sure, though, is that you’ll need a tough greenhouse to withstand the variety of conditions Northern California experiences.

Some greenhouse kits will include foundations you can put under your greenhouse. Others use reliable materials, like redwood and polycarbonate.

Pay attention to what materials are used to make up both the frame and the panels of your greenhouse. This will tell you the most information about how you can expect it to hold up over the years.

Temperature Control

Maintaining a stable temperature in your greenhouse will be crucial in Northern California settings. This doesn’t mean just keeping your plants warm during the winter – it also means keeping them cool during the summer, provided you plan to use your greenhouse all year.

Insulation is one of the biggest factors in temperature stability. It keeps the warm or cool air you want inside, and prevents unwanted air from leaking in.

Ventilation will be your next must-have quality. We recommend having vents on the roof of your greenhouse, because it will be easier for the extra heat to escape that way when it’s really hot outside.

With heat being an issue for much of California, you may also want to consider adding shade to your greenhouse. Shade cloths are an excellent way to do this.

Ensuring adequate airflow is another thing you can do to keep your greenhouse from baking your plants. Some will have windows you can open to get a breeze flowing through, but including an outdoor fan like this can simulate airflow if there isn’t a breeze outside.


Not everyone is handy, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to put a greenhouse together.

While many can take time and skill to assemble, there are plenty of greenhouses created so that setting them up isn’t a huge ordeal. Many will use lock and pin systems that make snapping the frame together a cinch, or panels that slide into the frame.

Before you choose one greenhouse over any others, take some time to check the description and what customers have had to say about the assembly.

Wrap Up

Choosing just one greenhouse from this list is pretty difficult, but we’d go with the Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse. It just has too many brilliant features packed into it to ignore.

To start with, it has a gorgeous Victorian design. We’d be proud to have this one in our backyard.

Furthermore, it has a misting system built into it, so you can keep your plants cool effortlessly. Combined with the automatic vent on top, you’ll have a greenhouse that stays nice and cool during the summer.

Want to know which greenhouses are best for Southern California? You can see our list right here.

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