Do Greenhouses Have More Oxygen?

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Do Greenhouses Have More Oxygen

One thing we all know about plants is that they’re great for the atmosphere. After all, they take the CO2 we produce, and turn it into precious oxygen.

Knowing this, one would think that a greenhouse must have more oxygen than another building. You might assume that the quality of air in a greenhouse must be better.

But is it true that greenhouses have more oxygen? The truth is probably not what you expect it to be, and we’ll explain more in this short post.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Have More Oxygen?

It’s true that plants produce oxygen. By that reasoning, yes, you could say that a greenhouse has more oxygen in it…but truthfully, the amount of oxygen will be so minimal, that it wouldn’t make a huge difference.

This is because people, on average, consume more oxygen than plants generate.

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Oxygen Production in Plants

"you’d need a lot of plants to produce enough oxygen to support one adult."

So exactly how much oxygen do plants produce, and how much does the average person consume?

Those are both valid questions to ask. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t one easy number.

The average person consumes about 550 ml of oxygen in one day. As far as how much plants produce, the amount depends entirely on the plant.

A tree, for example, can produce up to 260 lbs of oxygen in one year. Typical houseplants, on the other hand, can produce around 5 ml per hour.

Basically, you’d need a lot of plants to produce enough oxygen to support one adult. In other words, growing in a greenhouse in the hopes it will supply you with enough clean air to breathe is unlikely.

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The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

Given that plants don’t really produce as much oxygen as you think, you’re probably not going to choose to have a greenhouse just in the hopes it will provide you with enough air. However, there are plenty of other reasons to have a greenhouse aside from oxygen production.

For starters, you can use your greenhouse to grow food. Fruits and vegetables can easily be grown in your greenhouse all year.

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You can also use your greenhouse to grow types of plants that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in your location. As an example, you can potentially grow tropical plants outside of a tropical climate.

If the plants themselves don’t convince you, the calming effect of gardening might. There are tons of mental health benefits that come with maintaining a garden, which a greenhouse can help with.

Furthermore, although this may not be the first benefit that comes to mind for most people, greenhouses can look amazing. They come available in all kinds of designs that are visually appealing. Having one out in your yard can really bring the aesthetic of your home together

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Wrap Up

At the end of the day, oxygen production may not be the best reason to invest in a greenhouse. That’s because plants individually don’t produce enough oxygen to support even one person.

However, there are tons of other advantages to having a greenhouse, including growing food, extending the growing season for your plants, accommodating plants outside of their native climates, and even your mental health.

Gardening is a worthy pastime to have, and a greenhouse can make gardening more accessible, especially if you live somewhere with cold winters.

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