Are Greenhouses Good for Succulents?

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Are Greenhouses Good for Succulents?

Greenhouses are a wonderful way to make gardening possible all year. You can use them to grow a variety of plants, as they protect your garden from harsh external conditions.

But it might be easier to foster the ideal environment for specific plants over others in them. With succulents becoming increasingly popular, you might be curious if they’re a greenhouse possibility.

So if you’re asking yourself whether or not greenhouses are good for succulents, we’ll explain a little more in this quick article.

Quick Answer: Are Greenhouses Good for Succulents?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes, but there are a few caveats. As long as you can provide sufficient sunlight and ventilation for them, they’ll flourish.

Meeting these requirements in a greenhouse is actually pretty simple.

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What a Succulent Needs

"When answering whether or not a particular plant is suitable for greenhouse growing, it’s important to determine what that plant needs first."

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When answering whether or not a particular plant is suitable for greenhouse growing, it’s important to determine what that plant needs first. We’ll examine precisely what a succulent needs here, so you can see how they fit into a greenhouse environment.

It’s important to note that there are different types of succulents. What we’re describing are a few very generalized needs, so keep in mind that a specific type might have needs that differ from what we mention.

Succulents are remarkably easygoing. For that reason, they’re the plant for you if you don’t exactly have a green thumb.

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In general, they like bright and abundant light, except for a few variegated types that are a bit more delicate. Filtered sunlight is best for their health.

They’re used to not getting a lot of water, so you want to avoid watering them too much. In fact, overwatering is the top culprit behind most succulents dying.

This means that they don’t like sitting in a soggy potting media for long. They need sufficient drainage to keep them happy.

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How a Greenhouse Meets a Succulent’s Needs

A good greenhouse is designed to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Typically, they have panels created to diffuse light efficiently, which makes them perfect for sun-loving succulents.

Installing blinds or shade cloths to protect them from prolonged direct sunlight is entirely possible, too. If you happen to have variegated succulents, this might be a good idea to do.

The appropriate amount of watering will mostly depend on you. While there are some greenhouses with integrated watering or misting systems, this isn’t a very common feature.

However, a greenhouse can help you with ensuring your succulents don’t stay damp for long. With roof and side vents, they can promote airflow that keeps your succulents nice and dry.

Others have shelves with slats on the bottom. This is perfect for letting planters drain through the shelves, instead of forming puddles.

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Wrap Up

Succulents are adorable plants. What we love about them is how beginner-friendly they are – regardless of your skill level, you can more likely than not keep a succulent flourishing. (Just be careful of how much you water them!)

You can either grow them for yourself or grow them to sell to other succulent fans. Whatever your reasons for growing them, a greenhouse can make the perfect environment for them.

We have no doubts that a succulent could be happy in a high-quality greenhouse.

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