Do Greenhouses Get Cold in the Winter?

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Do Greenhouses Get Cold in the Winter

Greenhouses are designed to protect delicate gardens from the elements. Wind, rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight are all things that a quality greenhouse can protect your plants from.

But in some areas, the winters can get particularly challenging. Life-threatening blizzards, ice storms, and temperatures far below zero are all conditions that happen in many areas around the world.

You might be curious about how a greenhouse can survive such things. In these kinds of conditions, do greenhouses get cold in the winter?

In this quick guide, we’ll be discussing climate control in greenhouses during the winter. We’ll answer the above question and more here.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Get Cold in the Winter?

Yes, it’s true that greenhouses can get cold in the winter. However, this isn’t necessarily the case in all greenhouses around the world.

Climates differ depending on location. Warmer climates will often have mild or hot winters, and greenhouses becoming too cool in these locations isn’t as common.

On the other hand, if you live in a northern climate with long, freezing winters, your greenhouse will get too cold in the winter unless you take some precautions.

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Keeping Your Greenhouse Warm in the Winter

We’ve written about heating your greenhouse in the winter in much more detail here, but we’ll cover the topic in this article, as well.

There are tons of ways you can heat your greenhouse in the winter. Insulation will be the first and easiest way, because a lot of the time, it comes already built into the greenhouse.

When it comes to insulation, look at the thickness of the panels used. Thicker panels are both more durable and better at insulating against the cold outside.

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Some greenhouses will also have seals built around the windows and doors. These will insulate your greenhouse even better. If yours does not have any sort of insulation, you can consider coating the walls with bubble wrap or using tape to seal up any cracks you find.

Keeping your plants off the cold ground is another easy method you can use. The earth is like a giant block of ice in winters in some climates. Many greenhouses will have built-in shelves you can use to store your planters up off the ground.

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When all else fails, you might want to think about installing a robust heater in your greenhouse.

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Wrap Up

"While it’s true that greenhouses can get pretty cold in the winter, there are measures you can take to protect your plants, anyway."

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While it’s true that greenhouses can get pretty cold in the winter, there are measures you can take to protect your plants, anyway. Insulation, elevating your plants, and installing an actual heating system are just a few examples of things you can do to protect your greenhouse from the cold.

Sometimes, it’s not what you do inside the greenhouse that matters so much as the design of the greenhouse itself. If you’d like to see examples of greenhouses that would excel in a winter environment, check out our list of the best greenhouses for winter growing.