Do Greenhouses Need a Building Permit?

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Do Greenhouses Need a Building Permit

When you make additions to your home, whether it’s a sunroom, deck, or guesthouse, you almost always need to get a building permit. If you’re using a contractor to build these things for you, they’ll often handle all the legal documentation, as well, so this might not be something you were aware of.

However, when you consider adding a greenhouse, you might not think you’d need a permit for one, anyway. After all, they’re usually a pretty small structure.

But the actual steps behind adding a greenhouse to your property might be different from what you’re thinking. In this post, we’ll be discussing if greenhouses need a building permit.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Need a Building Permit?

There isn’t a clear-cut yes or no answer to the question. However, it’s very likely your greenhouse will need a building permit, especially if you live in an urban area.

We strongly recommend checking with your local zoning department before building the greenhouse, just to be sure. Whether or not you need a permit will vary based on your location.

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Why Should You Check with Your Local Zoning Departments?

Doing everything by the book is important. At the very worst, you could be fined by your county for building one without a permit.

Of course, this completely depends on where you’re living. Some places may not even require you to have a permit at all.

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By checking with your county, you ensure that your greenhouse is built within the legal parameters and will be allowed to remain. This usually doesn’t take much time to find out, either, and your local zoning department will typically tell you right away what you need.

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Additionally, the zoning codes for buildings exist for a reason. Your county officials will have absolutely invaluable information about properly building so that your greenhouse can endure local weather conditions – just like other buildings that follow the codes.

Making sure you have the correct permits could be good for insurance, too. Some insurance companies will not insure buildings that do not have all the proper documentation, including permits.

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Wrap up

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A greenhouse can seem pretty inconsequential. They’re usually fairly small, and not very complicated to build. Some are even temporary tent-like structures stretched over a light metal frame.

Nevertheless, it’s unwise to cut any corners. Your very first step should be speaking with your local zoning departments so you understand what you need.

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Aside from getting any requisite permits, your zoning department will be a crucial source of information on how to build your greenhouse appropriately for your area.