What Does Hemp Milk Taste Like?

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hemp milk in a measuring cup and hemp hearts on a table

What Does Hemp Milk Taste Like? 

Like almond milk, hemp milk is nutty and a little sweet.It doesn’t tend to be neutral like rice or oat milk, but many people love that about hemp milk.

Different brands of store-bought hemp milk are going to have their own flavor profiles, especially if they contain added flavorants like vanilla, which is popular.But in general, hemp milk is one of the stronger-flavored vegan milks and can even taste somewhat seedy, not unlike sunflower seeds.

Hemp Milk Texture 

If you’re new to veganism and you’re looking for a close substitute for skim dairy milk, they say that hemp milk does the trick as it’s very thin.

Hemp milk does well in cereal and smoothies.It’s also good for sauces that you can thicken up with flour, arrowroot starch or any thickener of your choice.

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Is Hemp Milk Safe to Drink? 

Yes, hemp milk is perfectly safe to drink.Naturally, some people worry that hemp milk will act like marijuana in the body, but there’s no THC in it.Essentially, there’s nothing in hemp milk to produce the effects of marijuana.

Both kids and adults can drink hemp milk, though specific age recommendations vary.You can do a quick Google search if you’re wondering.

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