What Does Arrowroot Taste Like?

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What Does Arrowroot Taste Like

Are you trying to find alternatives to flour? Or are you out of flour and looking for a substitute to avoid a trip to the grocery store?

If you have some arrowroot on hand, you might have everything you need. However, if you’ve never used it before, chances are, you have some questions about it.

We’re here to describe what arrowroot tastes like to you and answer a couple other common questions about it. Keep reading to learn more about this flour substitute that’s growing in popularity.

What Does Arrowroot Taste Like?

When you swap out an ingredient in a recipe, your first question is always going to be if the swapped ingredient will affect the taste. When it comes to arrowroot’s taste, we have good news for you: it has no taste, so you won’t notice it impacting your recipes.

Of course, that does mean it’s not the substitute you want if you’re looking for something bursting with flavor. You’ll want to think about using sweeteners or spices with it to give it some much-needed taste.

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Is Arrowroot Healthier Than Cornstarch?

If you’re considering arrowroot as an alternative thickening agent to cornstarch, you probably want to know if it’s healthier. We’ll compare the two ingredients a bit here so you can make an informed decision.

You’ll get more protein and fat from your cornstarch, if those are qualities you’re concerned about. 

However, arrowroot is linked to numerous health benefits. Some of those benefits include possible weight loss, immune system stimulation, and improved blood circulation. Keep in mind, though, that these qualities are mostly applicable to whole arrowroot, and that they’re minimized when the root is ground into a powder. 

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Is Arrowroot Better Than Flour?

We mentioned earlier that arrowroot powder is often used as a substitute for flour. If you’re looking for something that’s gluten-free, arrowroot is an excellent choice. Do you have to deal with lower quality when you use arrowroot, though, or is it better than flour?

Arrowroot isn’t necessarily better than flour, per se. It’s just something you can use as an alternative if you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

Arrowroot powder really shines when you use it as a thickening agent or when you’re planning to mix it with acidic ingredients, such as fruit juice. It won’t break down and it can be frozen and thawed again.

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Wrap Up

You’d be surprised at how many flour and starch options are available today! Regardless of what diet you’re following or your food allergies, there’s a starch that fits right in.

Arrowroot powder is an example of a starch substitute that works wonderfully. Make sure to grab some of your own to try out if you need something gluten-free or GMO-free.