What Do Edamame Taste Like?

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Edamame soy beans shelled and with pods in bowls

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What Do Edamame Taste Like? 

The taste of these little soybeans is very mild and satisfying.Though tofu, tempeh and other common soy products are made from soybeans, edamame flavor shares little in common with them, save for its mildness.

Rather, edamame flavor is vaguely reminiscent of peas, though while a pea is quite sweet, the sweetness of edamame is subdued.There’s also a nuttiness in edamame that can be compared to almonds.

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Cooked or steamed edamame (raw edamame are toxic) may taste somewhat similar to cooked peas, but they’re a little different in texture.

Whereas peas are very soft and juicy, edamame are more firm.They’re soft, but they’re not squishy.The texture is more like that of a cooked potato.

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Can You Eat the Pods of Edamame? 




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