Where to Buy Jackfruit & How to Find it in the Grocery Store Aisles

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where to find jackfruit

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Where to Buy Jackfruit

Nowadays, most grocery stores will sell Jackfruit even if its not available fresh in your region. 

We'll tell you what aisles you should check first below, but first here is a quick list of places to buy jackfruit online...

  1. Amazon
  2. Whole Foods (can order online via Amazon)
  3. Walmart
  4. Thrive Market
  5. Nuts.com
Jackfruit supermarket

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Jackfruit In?

Often, the first stop in the grocery store is the produce aisle, which is where you'll find fresh jackfruit. Look for a large, spiky green fruit shaped like a watermelon or a mango (it'll be labeled as jackfruit).

The second place jackfruit is typically located is in the section with the mock meats. Here, you might find seasoned jackfruit in a vacuum-sealed package. Many a time, these ready-made products are with the tofu in or near the produce section.

Since jackfruit is frequently sold in cans, you'll usually have luck finding it in the canned goods aisle. It'll be packed in water or syrup.

Be also sure to check the international aisles, specifically the Asian ones.

It's also possible to find frozen jackfruit, though it's a bit less common. Feel free to check the freezers where either organic goods or fruits and veggies are kept.

Still having trouble finding jackfruit? We'll tell you about some places that typically sell it so you don't have to run around looking for it...

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Jackfruit packaged

Here is a list of super markets that are likely to sell Jackfruit:


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Jackfruit is expensive mainly because it's a niche market. Even with a growing demand, it's still not as popular as something like potatoes which are dirt cheap.

It also spoils quite easily so it has to be canned or packaged in a way where it will stay fresh from the plant to the grocery store shelf.

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Jackfruit season varies greatly depending on the region. Here's a breakdown according to Purdue University:

  • Asia: Between March and June or April through September. This varies depending on the region. 
  • West Indies: Most ripening takes place in June.
  • Florida: Most jackfruit will ripen in June.

Make Jackfruit Tacos

With its stringy texture, jackfruit is an amazing candidate for tacos! Add some guacamole, fresh cilantro, onions on a nice corn tortilla and you're off to the races!

Wrap Up

Hopefully this article will allow you to discover how amazing jackfruit is and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Have fun and experiment with this amazing and versatile food.

Happy eating! 

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