Can the Nutribullet Crush Ice? (Tested with Pictures)

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Can the Nutribullet Crush Ice?

There were a few cubes left over when the job was done, but plenty of usable snow or ice shavings that can be used for drinks or snow-cones.

The blender did not seem too stressed, butConsumer Reports has said in the past that this is a dangerous activity for the blender as it can cause the blades to be broken.

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nutribullet ice crush test in action

This was the amount of ice I put into the Nutribullet.It was about half of the container filled.Then I simply let it run for a few seconds.The ice was turned into snow besides for a few cubes.

snow after crushing ice nutribullet

Here’s a picture of the snow from the ice crush test.As you can see, there’s still some on the blades.

Their tests were rather rigorous, probably far exceeding what a normal user would do. 

To see how this compares to another brand, see our Nutribullet vs Ninja comparison.

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