Can I Grind Spices in the Nutribullet?

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groud peppercorn spices nutribullet

Quick Answer: You can absolutely grind spices in the Nutribullet. My personal favorite is to use it to grind cinnamon sticks into fresh and powdered cinnamon. But of course, you can also use it for other aromatic spices such as fresh peppercorns.

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How to Grind Spices in the Nutribullet

  • Take your spices and cut them down to size to fit into the Nutribullet jar, if necessary.
  • Select the milling blade, if you have one. The Nutribullet Pro 900, which is the best Nutribullet in my opinion, might not come with a milling blade (mine didn't).
  • Secure the blades onto the jar and place it onto the base of the blender.
  • Try pressing it down gently just to pulse a few times to make sure that it's going to be handle whatever spices you're giving to it.
  • Then, lock the blender in places and let it run for around 30-60 seconds or until the spices have reached the texture you desire.
  • Enjoy your freshly ground spices!

See the video below to see how it works in action...

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