Can the Nutribullet Make Carrot Juice? (Yes, with one caveat…)

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Ever wondered if the Nutribullet can make carrot juice? We know it does a good job blending frozen fruit, but what about whole, uncooked carrots?

CAN THE nutribullet make carrot juice

Well, I put it to the test to find out!

In this article, I'm going to share my results and experience and give you some tips to make your own!

If you want to watch the test yourself, simply watch the video below.

Or if you'd prefer to read about it, keep scrolling for the entire article.

Can the Nutribullet Make Carrot Juice?

In short, the Nutribullet CAN make carrot juice, but it cannot make juice without the pulp unless you have a nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer.

Here's a picture of what comes out of the Nutribullet when you blend water and a bunch of carrots.

I used about 5 carrots and added water to the max fill line for this experiment.

The result was a "whole" juice where the pump remains in-tact.

Depending on how many carrots you blend, this juice may or may not be edible.

In my case, I wanted to push the Nutribullet to it's limits so I blended up as many carrots as I could fit.

As a result, I was left with a ton of pulp that wasn't very fun to drink.

However, had I added some seasoning (ginger, soy sauce, etc) it would have made an excellent dressing.

But because I wanted to drink it as a juice, I went on to strain it with a fine mesh strainer...

I wasn't left with much juice, but the final product was delicious!

I just wish there was more!

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How to Make Carrot Juice in the Nutribullet

If you want to make carrot juice in the Nutribullet taste good, here's what you have to do...

  • If you're going to strain the juice
  • If you want to drink whole carrot juice
  • You can also add warm spices like ginger and cinnamon or other whole fruits to sweeten it.
  • If you want more pulp and more flavor, add more chopped carrots and blend again.

Next Steps

If you've already got a Nutribullet then go make some carrot juice!

Leave a comment below to let me know how it came out.

If you haven't gotten one yet, be sure to check out this post: Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet Review.

And of course, happy blending!

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