Best Blender for Sauces (From Someone Who Actually Makes Them)

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Looking for the best blender for sauces? I’m here to help! Having blended over 100 sauces over the years, I’ve figured out which blenders live up to the task and which fall flat.

Best Blender for Sauces

This guide was created to share that knowledge with you.

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  • My top 5 best blenders for sauces.
  • What makes a good sauce blender in the first place?
  • The two different blender options for the best sauces.
  • A detailed analysis of all the blenders that were selected.

Let’s do this!

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Vitamix 7500 A+
Blendtec Total Blender A
All-Clad Immersion Blender A+
Vitamix Explorian E310 A+
Ninja Chef CT805 A

Use any of the links to check their current prices.

Or check out our favorite immersion blenders, as they are a viable cheaper alternative.

Variable Speed Control

In my opinion, variable speed control is the most important attribute in a sauce blender. 


Because it gives you the ability to finely control the texture of the final product.

Some sauces are more chunky while some should be a smooth puree. Some sauces are even a combination of both!

I will often make a smooth sauce using my Vitamix using the highest speed setting, then add ingredients for texture on the lowest setting.

variable speed controls

This is the variable speed knob on my Vitamix that I’m raving about. As you can see, it’s easy to go from low to high speeds.

For example, there’s this vegan cheese sauce I particularly enjoy that is a pureed blend of cashews, white beans, and nutritional yeast.

After I make the puree, I’ll oftentimes want to add a bit of texture to the mix.

So I’ll turn the blender back to its lowest speed and throw in some bell and spicy peppers. The lowest speed will chop the peppers, but still keep them chunky enough for a nice crunch.

If you want to make multi-textured sauces, variable speed control is a must.

To learn more, you may check out our article on the Best Vitamix Alternative.

Pulsing Ability

Technically speeding, any blender can “pulse” if you just switch it on and off really quickly.

But doing it this way is annoying and probably not ideal for the machine.

Getting a blender with a dedicated pulse function comes in handy when you really want to do a light chopping on certain ingredients.

It adds another element of control to the variable speed settings for the most delicate of ingredients that you might accidentally liquefy instead of chop.

Heat-Resistant Containers and Venting


venting lid vs non-venting lid


For small families and single folks, a counter-top blender is the way to go. 

The ones selected for this list will have all of the important attributes that we touched on: heat resistance, pulsing and variable speed control.

This will be the preferred blender style for most because you can do so much more than sauces.

You can make things like smoothies, banana ice cream, nut butters and whatever other blended creations your heart desires.

Immersion Blenders

Most immersion blenders lack some of the fine controls that we’ve touched like variable speed.

Most of them only have two preset speed settings.

immersion blender with 2 speeds

This immersion blender only has two speed options. It’s not very good at controlling the texture of a sauce.

An exception to this is the All-Clad immersion blender – which is what I put on this list.

If you’re going to be making large batches of sauces, it’s the only way to go. 

Even the biggest blender containers are around 64 oz. You also won’t be able to use the entire container without experiencing overflow issues.

If you’re feeding a large family or doing big-scale entertaining, you’ll have to do multiple batches which can be annoying. With an immersion blender, you stick the blender into a sauce pot rather than the other way around. The blender will create a mini-vortex which will puree all the ingredients. If you’re looking for other options for hot soups and other hot liquids, check out this list for the best blender for hot liquids

Best Sauce Blenders Reviewed and Analyzed

Vitamix, Black 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container

Check Price on Amazon >>



  • Might run too expensive.
  • Jar not dishwasher safe, but easy to self-clean by blending.

Blendtec - Original Designer Series Blender - WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) - Professional-Grade Power - Self-Cleaning - 6 Pre-Programmed Cycles - 8-Speeds - Sleek and Slim, Black

Check Price on Amazon >>

The Blendtec Total Blender is another blender that’s perfect for sauces. 

Of course, it has the basics like a heat-safe container a pulse function.

But beyond that, it also has a variable speed slider function(sort of like a touch screen) so that you can completely control your sauce thickness.

Here are some pros and cons worth considering…

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You can read more info about this on my Blendtec Total Blender review.

All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender with Detachable Shaft and Variable Speed Control Dial, 600-Watts, Silver

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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black

Check Price on Amazon >>

Ninja CT810 Chef High-Speed Premium In Home Blender, 72 Oz, Black

Check Price on Amazon >>

The Ninja Chef 800-series is a lower-tiered alternative to all the fancy counter-top blenders on this list.

It still has all of the key attributes you need for sauces, along with some other cool stuff like pre-programmed blending cycles.

Oh – and it comes with a tamper!

The major downside is that it has a short warranty.

Check out our favorite Ninja models on our article about the best Ninja blender.

By now, you probably realize that you have a ton of options when it comes to sauce blenders.

All the ones on this list will get the job done, but my favorite choices are the Vitamix 7500 and the All-Clad Immersion Blender.

The Vitamix has literally everything going for it and will be a blender that you have and use for a long time.

But you should still go for the All-Clad if you need to make big sauce batches.

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