Where to Find Cacao Nibs in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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A close-up of a heap of raw cacao nibs on a wooden surface.

The first place to check might be the baking aisle. Many grocery stores will put cacao nibs somewhere near the baker's chocolate.

You may also find cacao nibs close to dried fruits and nuts. They could be in the snack aisle, but they might also be in the produce area.

If your grocery store has a health food section, that's another good spot to check. Some stores even keep cacao nibs in the supplement aisle. 

But if you're having a hard time finding cacao nibs, use our store guide below to find them faster...

What Stores Sell Cacao Nibs?

  • Amazon - Sometimes it's easiest to shop on Amazon. It's not unusual to see cacao nibs get pricey, so it's good to be able to shop around for the best prices.
  • Walmart - Walmart sells cacao nib brands like Sunfood Superfoods, Viva Naturals and Navitas Organics.  
  • Whole Foods - There are several brands to choose from at Whole Foods. Look in the baking aisle, though some stores put cacao nibs in the superfood aisle (in the personal care area).
  • Your Local Health Food Store - You'll absolutely be able to buy cacao nibs at health food stores. Each one may have them in a different aisle, so you may need to ask for assistance.
  • Safeway - Safeway keeps Navitas Organics and Thrive Tribe nibs with energy bars and dried fruits and nuts in the snack aisle.
  • Trader Joe's - If you're at Trader Joe's, look for the store brand of cacao nibs.
  • Target - Check by the trail mixes for Navitas Organics at Target stores. 
  • Kroger - Kroger supermarkets keep cacao nibs in a couple of places. Try the snack aisle and the personal care section (around supplements).
  • Publix - Look for cacao nibs in the snack aisle at Publix.
  • GNC - You can pop into a GNC for cacao nibs, though availability may vary. Use the online store locator to check a specific store's inventory. 

Adding cacao nibs and cacao powder to a smoothie turns it into more of a decadent shake, but much healthier. If you have a high-powered blender, you can blend the cacao nibs right into the smoothie, but another option is to sprinkle them on top like crunchy chocolate chips.

Use Them in Raw Vegan Desserts

The Internet is brimming with raw vegan dessert recipes featuring cacao nibs. You'll find them in pie crusts, in raw brownies and especially in raw cookies. You can use them in baked recipes, too. Just replace regular old chocolate chips with them.

Add Them to Your Breakfast

Because cacao nibs are so nutritious, they're perfect for an energizing breakfast. Put a handful in your oatmeal or sprinkle them on peanut butter toast for a simple way to enjoy them. Or make muesli bars for a quick breakfast option to grab on the go.

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