Where to Find Beet Juice in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Find Beet Juice in the Grocery Store

Searching everywhere in the grocery store for beet juice? We’ll tell you which aisles you can find it in…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Beet Juice In?

Juice aisle

A good place to begin your search for beet juice is the shelf-stable juice aisle. Look by vegetable or fruit and vegetable juice blends.

The natural food aisle is the next place to check. Sometimes grocery stores will keep healthy-sounding foods and beverages together in one area.

As a last resort, you can check the coolers with ready-to-drink beverages. You may or may not have luck there, but it’s worth a shot.

Beet juice is not uncommon, but it can still be challenging to locate. Generally speaking, the stores listed below will carry it so you can find it faster…

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What Stores Sell Beet Juice?

  • Amazon– Without a doubt, you can find beet juice on Amazon. You may also be interested in beetroot powder, which you can mix with water to make your beet juice.
  • Walmart – Pick up R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Beet Juice or Walmart’s Great Value brand of beet juice. Usually, Great Value will be cheaper. The store locator on the company website will show you which beet juice brands are available in each store.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods has many different beet juice options, including Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice in the beverage aisle.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – Any health food store should carry beet juice. But if it’s a smaller store, it may have juice blends rather than 100 percent beet juice.
  • Target– In the juice aisle of Target, look for R.W. Knudsen Family beet juice.
  • Safeway– Safeway offers many beet juice brands, like Love Beets and Lakewood Organic.
  • Trader Joe’s– Trader Joe’s has beet juice, but it may be mixed with citrus and other fruit juices.
  • Kroger – Kroger stores should have Beet It and Lakewood Organic beet juices.  
  • Publix – If you’re near a Publix, stop in for R.W. Knudsen Family and Lakewood Organic.

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