Best Planters for Bamboo – 5 Options Your Bamboo will Love Growing In

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Best Planters for Bamboo

Are you thinking about adding bamboo to your home or garden? Unless you’re planning on planting it in the ground, you’ll need an excellent planter to contain it.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of some great options for your bamboo. Read on, and we’ll explain why we like each one.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
MGP Oak Wood Quarter Wine Barrel Planter A+
Fox & Fern Large Plant Pot A+
Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter A+

Best Planters for Bamboo

MGP Oak Wood Quarter Wine Barrel Planter

MGP Oak Wood Qarter Wine Barrel Planter Handcrafted from Used Wine Barrels, 26


Some kinds of bamboo grow aggressively. If you have a fast-growing type of bamboo and you’re using a larger container for it, you may want to look for extra-strong containers like the MGP Oak Wood Quarter Wine Barrel planter.

The galvanized metal bands wrapped around the middle will help keep the container from bursting over time. In addition, the look of it combined with a bamboo plant would be pleasantly rustic.

You won’t have to worry about the bands slipping from the barrel. They’re pegged on for increased durability.

And because it’s a quarter of a barrel, it won’t take up as much space or be as heavy to move.


  • Strong metal bands wrapped around the middle
  • Unique woodsy look
  • Ideal for homes where there isn’t as much space
  • The steel bands will not slide down the barrel


  • There may be variations in color from one planter to another

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Fox & Fern Large Plant Pot

12" Large Plant Pot by Fox & Fern - Fits Plant Stand - Drainage Plug - Outdoor Indoor - Matte White


The Fox & Fern planter has been a hit with customers. That’s for quite a few good reasons – there’s a lot to love here.

First, it comes in a few sizes. That means you’ll have options to find a planter that’s the best fit for your bamboo.

Next, it’s handcrafted from fiberstone. This material is incredibly strong, but it’s not so heavy you’ll throw out your back trying to lift it.

It’s quite light. You’ll be able to move this planter around without breaking a sweat.

On top of all this, it has excellent drainage with a hole at the bottom. You can seal it up with the included plug if you don’t need the hole.


  • This planter is offered in a few sizes.
  • Easy to transport due to its lightness.
  • The fiberstone material is super tough.
  • It has a drainage hole with an optional plug


  • This one is only available in white.

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Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter


If you’re searching high and low for a sturdy planter that looks beautiful with no effort on your part, look no further. The Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter is a work of art.

You can get this gorgeous planter in eight different color combinations. Each one is chic and striking, sure to make your bamboo plant look even more beautiful.

In fact, the planter is so appealing that you could even use it empty as a decoration by itself.

Plus, it includes a strong iron stand. Both the planter and the stand are designed to last you for a long time.


  • Durable.
  • Includes an iron stand
  • Attractive design is available in eight colors.
  • Available in several sizes and shapes.


  • Does not have drainage holes in the bottom

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Barclay Rectangle Fiberglass Planter Box

If you’re planning on growing your bamboo as a privacy screen or simply because you like the look of it when it spreads out, you’ll need a large planter. This Barclay Rectangle Fiberglass Planter Box meets those needs handily.

It’s long, so your bamboo can spread out. It comes in taller sizes that give your bamboo roots room to grow.

And on top of that, the fiberglass material is durable. This material resists rust and weather conditions, so it will keep your plant safe and content.

If you don’t like any of the four colors it comes in; you can even paint it to your liking. You could make it a craft project if you have children or like DIY projects yourself.

One thing to note is that it does not have drainage holes on the bottom. You may want to think about lining the bottom with pebbles or gravel.


  • Plenty of space for bamboo to grow.
  • Tough material that resists weather and rust.
  • It comes in four different colors, but you can also paint it if you prefer a different color.
  • Available in a few sizes.


  • No drainage holes on the bottom

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Eastvale Fiberstone Planter Box

The Eastvale Fiberstone Planter Box is another planter that gives your bamboo some much-needed legroom. It comes in a few sizes that are pretty big for a planter.

It also helps that the fiberstone material is tough. Your bamboo plant’s roots will be able to grow in this planter freely.

The three neutral shades it comes in gives you the ability to find one that will accent your space nicely.


  • Offered in three different colors.
  • It comes in multiple large sizes
  • Solid and long-lasting material.


  • No drainage holes on the bottom.

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What to Consider When Buying a Planter for Bamboo


There are various kinds of bamboo, but some grow quickly.

Running bamboo types, for example, tend to grow to be higher, but their roots also grow more speedily. As a result, they’ll become rootbound faster than other types of bamboo.

Clumping bamboo does not grow as quickly. This means it will be able to remain one planter longer than a running type, but it will also not get as tall in the event you’re looking to grow a privacy screen.

You’ll need to determine how your chosen bamboo type grows and make sure you get a planter to support that growth accordingly. If you’ve got a faster-growing type, think about a larger planter.

On the other hand, if your type grows more slowly, you may start with a smaller planter.

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The material used to make your planter matters, too, especially if you’ve picked a fast-growing bamboo species.

If you need a larger planter, the material you look for should be durable. This will keep it from bursting or rupturing in places as the planter begins to fill with roots.

As an example, you wouldn’t want a planter made from thin plastic. Planters with thicker walls or support systems like metal bands are perfect for rapid-growing bamboo types.

One thing to note here is that there are dwarf versions of bamboo. These types would work just fine in a container that isn’t heavy-duty.


Because some kinds of bamboo can quickly outgrow planters, the look may not be as big of an issue. But you’ll still have the planter for some time, and so there’s no reason why you couldn’t pick one that helps promote the right atmosphere in your home or garden.

The planter market is quite large. There are thousands of options out there for you to choose from.

Because of that, you can absolutely take the liberty of looking for colors or patterns you like. You can choose a subdued neutral shade that would fit in anywhere or a bold design that immediately becomes a centerpiece.

The choice is entirely up to you.


With most plants, having sufficient drainage is crucial to their health. That’s because, without drainage, water would oversaturate the potting mixture.

Like other things that stay excessively damp for too long, this can cause a plant’s roots to rot.

Usually, the way to combat this is to select a planter with one or more holes puncturing the bottom. The tricky thing about this, though, is that with bamboo types that grow faster, their roots can start to grow out the drainage hole.

Drainage is important for bamboo, too. However, make sure you’re keeping an eye on them, so they don’t outgrow their pot.

Wrap Up

With so many planters out there, your options are virtually bottomless. You can find a planter perfect for any plant and home.

If you’re not sure where, to begin with, your bamboo plant, we’d recommend the MGP Oak Wood Quarter Wine Barrel Planter. It looks rustic, and the bands around the outside will help hold it together as your bamboo grows.

However, if your plant is small or you’re using a slow-growing kind, the Fox & Fern Large Plant Pot is a great option, too. It’s sturdy, easy to lift, and looks great in a range of settings.