Best Planters for Christmas Cactus – Top 7 Planters with Personality

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Best Planters for Christmas Cactus

Are you looking for a planter with personality for your Christmas cactus? You’ve probably looked around and found that there are tons of options.

To simplify the process for you, we found a few of the best planters for Christmas cactus. That way, you can save a little bit of time on the search.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Ekirlin Ceramic Garden Pot A+
JMINTG Owl Pots A+
Greenaholics Succulent Plant Pots A+
B-Best Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Pot A+
Adit Pot Planter A+

Best Planters for Christmas Cactus

Ekirlin Ceramic Garden Pot

Ekirlin 5 inch Plant Pot - Ceramic Flower Planters Indoor - Modern Succulents Containers with Drain Hole Saucer, Decorate Home, Office & Outdoor (Grey)

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What we love about Ekirlin’s Ceramic Garden Pot is how chic and classy it looks. The design is very minimal, and won’t overpower the decorations in any room you put it in.

It’s available in two different color combinations, which includes blue or gray. Either one would look cool and lovely in a wide variety of color schemes.

The drain hole at the bottom also helps to protect your cactus. Any extra water can drip out the bottom, allowing the cactus to get just as much as it needs.


  • Comes in 3.9-inch or 5.1-inch depths.
  • Available in two color combinations.
  • Has a sleek minimalist look that would fit in a range of environments.
  • There’s drain hole at the bottom to protect your cactus from overwatering.
  • The ceramic used to make it can endure drastic temperatures.


  • A few customers have observed the bottom is a bit rough, so you might want to be wary of it scratching wood.

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Now these owl planters are absolutely adorable and unique. Plus, they come in a range of different owl designs, so if you don’t like one, you’re likely to find another that suits your taste.

Their tiny size makes it easy to find room for them. Windowsills, tables, counters, and anywhere else you can think of can likely fit these little planters.

Each one has a small drain hole in the bottom, as well. That way, you won’t need to worry about your cactus getting too much whenever you water it.

One thing to note with these, however, is that they are small. They’re much better suited to a very young Christmas cactus.


  • Several adorable owl designs.
  • Drain holes on the bottom to protect from overwatering.
  • Comes in a set ranging from 2-6 depending on which owl design you pick.
  • The ceramic was baked in a high temperature so the pots can withstand various temperatures.


  • These are much smaller planters than some of the other options on this list.

Greenaholics Succulent Plant Pots

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If you’re going for a bohemian look, these Greenaholics Succulent Planters can’t be beat. To start with, they have a gorgeous mandala-inspired pattern on them that’s vibrant and striking.

The high temperature used to bake these planters functions as a shield to the colors, too. You won’t need to worry about them fading anytime soon.

You’ll also get three of them in a set. Use the extras to pot other plants, or to have even more Christmas cacti.


  • Unique and brilliant mandala pattern.
  • Drainage holes for draining and breathability.
  • The colors are resistant to fading.
  • Comes with bamboo trays to protect the surface you set them on from draining.
  • Three in a set.


  • Some customers noted that these are a little on the small side, with a height of approximately 3 inches.

B-Best Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Pot

ZUSONUD B-Best Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Pen Pot Tree Man Pens Holder or Flower Pot with Drainage Hole Perfect for a Tiny Succulents Plants 6 Inch

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Are you a fan of comic books or recent super hero movies that have come out? You’ll love this Guardians of the Galaxy pot made to look like Groot.

Otherwise, it could make a great gift for a child. Its one-of-a-kind looks are one way to get children interested in caring for plants.

To keep your cactus from receiving too much water, it has a drainage hole at the bottom, too.


  • Fun design that looks like Groot.
  • The drainage hole at the bottom lets extra water drip out.
  • Available in three different poses.


  • A few customers said it was smaller than they expected.

Adit Pot Planter

Adit Pot Planter Set


Sometimes, it can be really difficult to find the room to fit a plant. This is certainly the case for those who live in homes with kids or those who live in small apartments.

If that sounds like your kind of situation, check out this Adit Pot Planter set. Each one comes with four little planters that hang vertically.

This makes them perfect for homes that don’t have much windowsill, table, or counter space. You could even use the hanging style to put your cactus up out of reach of curious children and pets.


  • The hanging design expands potential placement options for your cactus.
  • Comes in a set of four planters.
  • Looks airy and natural.
  • The set is easy to hang up.
  • There are drainage holes on the bottoms so extra water can escape.


  • There are no other color options available.

Adamsdale 3-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set

Do you like to coordinate colors and patterns in your house? These Adamsdale planters could help you achieve an eye-pleasing and uniform look.

They come in a set of three which all match with each other. Available in jade or cobalt shades, they have a stunning diamond pattern that wraps around the middle.

The result is an exotic appearance. These cute planters would look lovely in rooms using southwestern style designs.

Additionally, each planter in the set has a drainage hole in the bottom. You won’t need to worry about drowning your cactus.


  • Two different color combinations are available.
  • You’ll get three planters in the set – one small, medium, and large one. This is ideal for repotting your cactus as it grows.
  • The finish on these planters can resist damage from weather conditions.
  • Extra water can escape through drainage holes on the bottom.


  • They do not include saucers to put beneath the drainage holes, so you might need to find something to put under them if you’re worried about the draining.

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Janise Ceramic Pot Planter

This Janise planter also has a cute and minimal design. Available in four different solid colors, the visual intrigue from this one comes from the raised circular bumps on the side that almost look like scales.

With a depth of six inches, your Christmas cactus will have a little more room to spread its roots in this one. Its height and width are also six inches, so it can fit comfortably in a range of places within your household.


  • Four color options.
  • Intriguing textured design.
  • Six-inch depth to accommodate more room for roots.


  • Does not have a drainage hole, so you will need to be careful not to overwater your cactus.

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What to Consider when Buying a Christmas Cactus Planter


With a Christmas cactus, you’ll want to be careful to avoid overwatering. A drainage hole in your planter is just the thing to protect you from that possibility.

As you look at potential planters, consider getting one with at least one hole in the bottom. If you’re a more experienced gardener, you might be fine getting a pot without one, but that does mean you’ll have to be aware of precisely how much you need to water your cactus.

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Part of the fun of getting a planter is picking one that looks good. And there are so many choices on the market today, you can easily find one that fits in with your décor.

Want something that stands out? You’ve got plenty of options in that regard, too.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop and factor in the design on a planter before buying one. Think about the decorating scheme in your home first, or what kind of look you want the planter to accentuate.


A Christmas cactus can get pretty large in its later years of life. While they tend to do best in pots that are a tight fit on their roots, the depth of the planter is still important to examine.

Some of the planters on this list are on the smaller side. This means that, as your cactus grows, you may need to plan to repot it.

Keep that in mind as you look at planters. Think about the current size of your cactus, if you already have it, and whether or not you’ll need more depth in your planter.

Wrap Up

From all the planters on this list, our personal favorite is the Adamsdale set. The diamond pattern wrapping around the middle is beautiful, and we like that the design is made to be weather-resistant.

The fact that it comes with a small, medium, and large planter is useful, too. As your cactus grows, you can transfer it to the larger pots.

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