Best Planters for Dracaena – 7 Amazing Options You’ll Love

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Best Planters for Dracaena

Those who don’t have a green thumb don’t have to feel as if they can’t also have plants. There are many varieties of plant that are surprisingly low-maintenance, like dracaena.

So if you’re in need of some greenery to bring life to your home, dracaena is definitely worth your consideration. Before you get one, though, you’ll require a planter to house it.

In this guide, we’ll show you a few of the best planters for dracaena. We’ve included a variety of planters, so you can hopefully find one that catches your eye.

Best Planters for Dracaena

Saying that the environment is important is a massive understatement. Doing what we can to care for our surroundings is crucial, not only to promote our own health but to provide a healthy world for future generations to grow up in.

Using products made out of sustainable materials like this Wild Pact Cork Plant Pot Set is just one of the many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Like the name says, this set is made from sustainable and completely natural cork oak.

And being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean less attractive or lower quality. Nowhere is that more clear than with these planters, which have a thoroughly organic look with a cute bee pattern on them.

Drainage holes pierce the bottom of each planter. To protect anything you set these planters on, they each come with a saucer that any leaking water is caught in.


  • Because they’re made from sustainable cork, you can be guilt-free about this purchase.
  • Has great drainage and drainage saucers.
  • Natural-looking.
  • Sturdy and water-resistant.
  • The set contains three planters.


  • With a 5.5-inch diameter, these planters are a little on the small side, so they will only work with a smaller variety of dracaena or a younger dracaena.
  • Only one of the planters in the set has the bee pattern on it.

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We believe the Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Round Planter is a superb pick for beginning gardeners.

First, it has a self-watering reservoir in the bottom. Your dracaena and soil are kept above the water and never fully submerged in it, so they don’t get too wet.

Water is supplied to your plant through hollow legs that reach down into the water. This allows your plant to absorb as much as it needs when it needs it.

Second, this planter has fantastic airflow. Because of the abundance of strips cut into the bottom, ventilation is amplified, which helps your plant breathe and also keeps it from getting soaked.

Third, this planter is sold in an array of sizes. You’ll be able to find one to fit many different ages and kinds of dracaena.


  • It’s sold in many sizes and colors.
  • Self-watering and ventilation features.
  • Using the included clip-on watering attachment makes refilling the water reservoir easy.
  • The plastic is durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Its largest size comes with wheels on the bottom for efficient transport.


  • The material may not look as pretty as other options, like ceramic or wood.
  • With self-watering planters like this one, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your plant to make sure it doesn’t end up getting more water than it needs.

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Brantner Ceramic Pot Planter 2

We’ve always personally loved the look of planters with legs. It’s a refined and elegant aesthetic that we feel would combine with a dracaena.

To further improve its looks, this Brantner Ceramic Pot Planter is made from quality ceramic. This gives it a weight and feel that can’t always been captured in other materials.

The stand comes in light or dark colors, which gives you a little flexibility to further personalize the appearance. In our opinion, the contrast of the dark stand against the light planter is really beautiful.


  • Includes a planter and a stand.
  • The stand is currently available in light or dark colors to adjust the look to your liking.
  • Has a drainage hole in the bottom.
  • Graceful and clean aesthetic.


  • Although it’s suitable for indoor use, it doesn’t have a tray to catch any water coming from the drainage hole.

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You only have one chance to make a good first impression – and the Marble Plant Pot does just that. The gold-flecked and marbled pattern looks high-quality.

Plus, the gold-colored tray underneath the drainage hole accents the ensemble nicely, as well. This is one planter that would make a great centerpiece in any room.

It’s made from sturdy ceramic fired at a high temperature. Because of this, it’s a durable planter you can expect to enjoy for some time to come.


  • Beautiful marbled pattern.
  • Has a drainage hole and a drainage tray to put underneath.
  • Made from sturdy ceramic.
  • Easy to clean.


  • This is a smaller planter with a 5.51-inch diameter. As such, it will not be suitable for larger dracaena plants.

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Classico Self Watering Plastic Planter

Convenience could be the name of the Classico Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter. It has an integrated self-watering system that also includes an easy-to-understand water gauge.

By just looking at it, you can tell when the water level is running low rather than having to guess.

At this point in time, it’s sold in three sizes, with a couple that are big enough to comfortably support a large dracaena. It’s also currently available in a couple colors so you can find one that accents your space appropriately.

Made from long-lasting plastic, this planter will be lighter in weight than many alternatives. That means lifting it to move it to another location won’t be such a struggle.


  • Comes in a couple colors and sizes.
  • The self-watering system has a water gauge that tells you when you need to add water.
  • Has drainage holes.
  • Easy to clean.


  • As with all self-watering planters, it’s recommended to check on your plants occasionally to make sure they’re not absorbing too much water.
  • Some customers felt this planter looked a bit bulky.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get as much as you can out of any deal, check out this Mkono Plastic Indoor Set.

When you buy the set, you’ll get a total of five planters, unless you choose to get them at the largest size. In the largest size, you’ll get a set of three instead.

Either way, you’re getting a lot for your money with this set. Each planter has drainage holes in the bottom and includes a saucer to protect any surface you put them on from water.

They’re created with super durable plastic so they can withstand a variety of conditions. These aren’t planters you’ll have to panic about if they’re accidentally knocked over or dropped.


  • Depending on the size you choose, you’ll get three or five planters in the set.
  • Has adequate drainage holes with drainage saucers or plugs.
  • Clean look.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Tough material.


  • These planters range from 5.5-7.5 inches in diameter, which means they’re most suitable for smaller dracaena plants.

Not only can your plant brighten up a room, but so can your choice of planter. This Honeysuckle Planter can attest to that fact.

It comes in a huge range of colors. Any one of them could go a long way towards deepening or brightening the décor of any room.

The color combinations are meant to copy the appearance of more expensive and heavy ceramic or stone alternatives. Since they’re actually made from resin, though, they’re lightweight so you can easily carry them.

We do think it’s important to note, though, that these planters do not come with drainage holes. You will need to drill them into the bottom yourself.

However, we felt the wide range of beautiful color options and larger size made them worth adding to the list.


  • Easy to lift and carry.
  • Sold in tons of different colors.
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather.
  • Two different sizes.


  • You’ll need to add drainage holes to the bottom.

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What to Consider before Buying a Dracaena Planter

Drainage Holes

Whenever we talk about planters, we feel as if it’s always important to mention drainage. Most plants can’t be soaked at all times.

To ensure your plant is able to breathe and that it isn’t drowning, your planter should have drainage holes. You can even add more if your planter only has one.

If you get a planter that doesn’t have any drainage holes, you can usually drill them into the bottom.

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Dracaena plants grow in a range of sizes. As a result, your planter should reflect that size.

You don’t want a planter that’s too small, and you also don’t want one that’s too large. For that reason, you should be a little pickier with size here.

You may need to measure your dracaena’s root ball. At the most, your planter should be no more than a third bigger than its root ball.

Considering that some dracaena can grow anywhere from a few inches to six feet tall in containers, this still means you have a huge number of options to choose from depending on your particular plant.


Since a dracaena isn’t an overly fussy plant, you’re not heavily restricted in planter choices. As long as you factor in drainage and the size, you can purchase just about any kind of planter.

You absolutely can have fun in this regard. Feel free to treat the planter as an extension of your own personality or decorating preferences.

Think about how the color and the shape of the planter pairs with your dracaena. For instance, if you have a really tall one, make sure you get a planter that not’s so narrow that it makes the plant look overly top-heavy.

Plan out a color scheme. If you’re using cooler colors, you can go with planters that fall into that color scheme – or be a little bold and get a bright, warm planter that pops out of its surroundings.

Basically, the only limit you have in this regard is your own imagination.

Wrap Up

We picked all the planters on this list for a reason, but forced to pick one, we’d go with the Classico Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter.

The self-watering reservoir along with the brilliant water gauge make this an ultra-convenient option. It would be impossible to forget to water your dracaena in this planter!

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