Best Planters for Orchids – Top 5 Options for a Happy Orchid

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Best Planters for Orchids

Orchids are alluring flowers that could breathe life into just about any room you put them in. However, their problem is that they’re a bit more demanding than many other plants.

If you’ve got your heart set on an orchid, you’ll want to pay attention to the planter you put it in. To help you protect your orchid, we’ve found a handful of the best planters for orchids.

Read on, and we’ll explain why each one is worth thinking about.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Sun Bulb Better Gro Octagon Cedar Basket A+
Trendspot Orchid Indoor Planter A+
Orchid Plant Mesh Net Pot A
Matelles Raised Sunflower Terracotta Pot Planter A+

Best Planters for Orchids

Sun Bulb Better Gro Octagon Cedar Basket

Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket, 8


One of the keys to raising a healthy orchid is drainage, drainage, drainage. That’s what makes this Sun Bulb planter a wise choice.

The wooden slats on the sides let tons of air in and allow water to escape or evaporate. It does an excellent job of protecting delicate orchids from overwatering.

Even the shape makes it ideal for an orchid. Because it’s short and wide, the roots will have more than enough room to spread out.

The utility doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing looks. The wooden build of this basket is pleasantly rustic, and it’s handmade.


  • Woodsy appearance.
  • The wooden slats allow for excellent drainage and ventilation.
  • Wide enough to give an orchid’s roots room to spread out.
  • It comes already assembled.


  • It does not come with a hanger.
  • Because the sides allow so much airflow, you might need to water the orchid a little more.

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Trendspot Orchid Indoor Planter


This Trendspot Orchid Indoor Planter has a beautiful glazed surface that gives it some polish. The dark blue color could give a nice contrast to the right orchid.

In addition to the drainage hole, there are diamond-shaped cutouts on the sides to encourage water evaporation. Your orchid would be nice and comfortable in this little planter.

You won’t need to worry about drips as much, either, because this planter includes a tray.


  • Handmade.
  • It has an exquisite blue glazed design.
  • Cutouts on the sides and a hole on the bottom protect your orchid from excess water.
  • A saucer attached to the bottom helps contain any drops of water.


  • Because the pot is handmade, there could be variations in color.

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Orchid Plant Mesh Net Pot

Flower Orchid Plant Mesh Net Pots Double Round Root Controlling Patent Technology,Excellent Drainage,Good Air Movement (Brown)


Your orchid won’t have any issues being too damp in this mesh pot. The sides are filled with openings that permit tons of airflow around the roots.

The mesh part of the pot slides into an external pot, and this outside planter doesn’t restrict ventilation. It has slats on the bottom, so water can quickly drain and evaporate from the soil.

The plastic material of this planter is extra-durable. It can resist corrosion and heat, making it one long-lasting planter no matter where you put it.


  • Tons of ventilation.
  • Multiple holes in the bottom for drainage
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Available in three different colors.


  • Plastic may not look as attractive as other materials.
  • It doesn’t come with a saucer to catch dripping water.

Matelles Raised Sunflower Terracotta Pot Planter

Matellas Raised Sunflower Terracotta Pot Planter


A raised pattern of sunflowers wrapping around the sides of this planter gives it a fun and bright appearance. That’s why it’s a great pick if you need something to put a smile on your face.

You’re also getting a sort of two-for-one deal with this planter. Rather than just one, you’ll get two of these same pots when you buy this set.

A drain hole at the bottom lets excess water drip out. To protect any surfaces you put the pots on from the water, they come with trays.


  • The terracotta material is breathable and will help water evaporate.
  • Cute sunflower motif.
  • Roots can grow freely in this wide design.
  • The material of these planters is a little heavier, so they won’t be easy to tip over.
  • It has a drain hole and drip tray to protect surfaces from escaping water.


  • Some customers said these pots were smaller than they thought.

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Adamsdale Ceramic Pot Planter Set

If you’re on the market for something different, these Adamsdale planters merit some consideration. The concentric diamond pattern on the sides is undoubtedly eye-catching.

You’ll get three if you purchase this set. It includes a small, medium, and large pot, so you could have your orchid in one and use the others for any other plants you have.

The colors are resistant to weather conditions, as well. You won’t need to worry about them fading and losing their vibrant look too soon.


  • It comes in a set of three
  • It has a drainage hole on the bottom
  • Intriguing diamond pattern with a bold background-color
  • Two different color options.
  • The squat design allows orchid roots to grow outwards.


  • It does not include a saucer to catch water.

What to Consider When Buying an Orchid Planter


We can’t stress enough the importance of adequate drainage for your orchids. Because they can be fragile, you do not want their roots to sit in stagnant water.

In an ideal setup, you’d have more than one drainage hole in your planter. Wooden planters, for example, are great for this because of their slats.

However, with extra holes, another thing to note is that your soil can spill out more quickly. To save yourself the mess, you may want to look into lining your planter with something if it has extra drainage.

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The roots of orchids like to grow out to the sides and not straight down. This means you don’t really want a tall and narrow pot.

Rather, you should look for pots that are short and wide. This shape will give your orchids the “leg” room they need to grow properly.

You also want to avoid a pot that’s too large. Larger pots can let water sit in them for too long, which can harm your orchid.

If you do end up going with a larger pot, though, it’s not the end of the world. To encourage adequate drainage, think about spreading gravel, pebbles, or lava rock on the bottom.


There’s no reason you can’t get a planter you’d feel proud of showing off. Even specialized planters for orchids come in a range of shapes and colors that can add up to a myriad of styles.

Color and pattern are probably the main things to look at in this regard. Plan out where you’re going to put the orchid, and then think about whether that space would look best with a particular color as an accent.

Aside from the space, also factor in the color of your orchid. Since there are different kinds of them, orchids come in pretty much any color under the sun.

You could consider a planter with a contrasting color or a complementing one. That’s entirely up to your personal preference.


What your planter is made of can also be critical. You’ve learned that orchids need sideways room, and they need their soil to be able to drain.

There are plenty of materials that can accommodate these needs. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic, terracotta, and wood are a few common planter materials. What’s the difference between them?

Plastic is affordable and long-lasting. However, it doesn’t have the breathability of other materials, which means it can retain water longer.

Terracotta is excellent for ventilation. Even if the planter only has one drainage hole, the water can still usually evaporate without issue.

However, one of its other advantages, its heaviness, is also a bit of a drawback. The larger a terracotta pot is, the heavier it is, and therefore the more cumbersome it can be to move it around.

Wood containers are another popular vessel for orchids. If they’re made from wooden slats, they’re fantastic at ventilating your plants.

However, the downside to wood is that it can also allow your soil to fall out between slats and for quick evaporation. As a result, you may need to line it with something and water a little more frequently.

Wrap Up

Are you still unsure which planter to get? Our suggestion would be the Sun Bulb Cedar Basket.

You won’t need to be worried about water lingering in your soil. Aside from that, your orchid will have more than enough room to spread its roots out and savor its space.

Now that you know which planters to get, you might want to think about a nice pair of gardening gloves. Click here for some of our recommendations.