Best Planters for Bonsai – Top 6 Options for a Gorgeous Bonsai

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Best Planters for Bonsai

Having a bonsai tree in your home is like having artwork. A lot goes into a well-planned bonsai display, and the results are a treat for your eyes.

Traditionally, there are quite a few guidelines dictating what kind of planter or pot to put your Bonsai in. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the best planters for Bonsai.

Let’s dive right in.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Bonsai Training Pots A
Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot A
Dahlia Zisha Bonsai Planter A
Round Succulent Planter Pot A+
Hileman Eclectic Ceramic Pot Planter Set A+
Ceramic Planter Box A+

Best Planters for Bonsai

Bonsai Training Pots

Bonsai Training Pots Humidity Trays - Built in Mesh, Six Inch Large Planters + Made from Durable Shatter Proof Poly-Resin, Set of 3 Pot Set

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Like their name says, these planters are excellent for training a Bonsai plant. They’re quite sturdy, and you won’t find them shattering to pieces should you accidentally drop one or knock it down.

Additionally, there’s a mesh opening at the bottom of each planter. The holes in the mesh are enough to permit sufficient draining for your plants and small, so the soil doesn’t fall through and make a mess.

They’re resistant to fading, too. Because of that, they can endure intense weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight, for a long time.


  • Includes three planters
  • They’re reusable.
  • Long-lasting and tough.
  • The plastic won’t fade with time.
  • Mesh on the bottom lets your plant drain without allowing the soil to drop out.


  • These are not as attractive as some other options.
  • A few customers have noted that the plastic of the trays is prone to warping.

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Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Decorative Planter for Dwarf Trees, Succulents, and Small Plants - Green Oval Container Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, Table Centerpieces and Windowsill Décor

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This Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot was explicitly designed for Bonsai. Because of that, it’s pleasing to the eye.

It comes in three different colors in two different shapes. That gives you some wiggle room to design the perfect and beautiful Bonsai area.

It’s stable and tough, to boot. This planter won’t get knocked or tipped over with the slightest breeze.

Additionally, moving it around is easy. It’s designed to be lightweight, so you can lift it to transport it to another location or clean its area when necessary.


  • Stable base.
  • Available in three different colors and two shapes to suit masculine or feminine bonsai plants.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It has a sleek and polished glaze on the outside


  • It does not come with a saucer to put underneath the planter.

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Dahlia Zisha Bonsai Planter

Dahlia 5.2"

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In case you’re worried about your Bonsai plant making a mess, there’s the Dahlia Zisha Bonsai Planter. Along with the beautiful planter itself, you’ll get a tray that catches drips of water or soil.

Aside from the tray, there are other reasons why this planter would be great for your Bonsai tree. The lettering on the front is graceful and good-looking.

And there’s also a drainage hole and wiring holes on the bottom of the planter. That lets your plant breathe and allows you to stabilize it with wiring in case it gets knocked over.

It comes in two colors and shapes. One is shorter and has lettering on the front, while the other is taller and dark brown.

Either one would lend your Bonsai an air of elegance.


  • Has drainage and wiring holes on the bottom
  • Includes a saucer that can catch any leaking water.
  • Minimalist and gorgeous looks.


  • Some customers said it was smaller than they expected.

Round Succulent Planter Pot

Succulent Pots with Drainage, 6.1 inch Large Succulent Planter Pots with Tray Shallow Ceramic Bonsai Pots for Indoor Plants Round Cactus Flower Container Bowl

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This vibrant Round Succulent Planter Pot could brighten up any Bonsai plant’s surroundings. It’s offered in six different colors, and each one is positively vivid.

The glaze on it not only gives it a lustrous sheen but means it will be a little easier to clean up. You can clean it with just a cloth to remove any dirt.

It allows for ample drainage, as well. The drainage hole at the base promotes air circulation and gives a route for excess water to escape through.

But it won’t dirty your space. It also comes with a bamboo tray that you can place beneath the planter to contain any dripping water.


  • Six brilliant colors.
  • It has a drainage hole and a tray to put beneath it.
  • Each one has a shiny glaze.
  • They are made by hand.


  • Some customers felt it was smaller than they expected.
  • It’s unclear whether the pictures or description has extra holes for wires.

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Hileman Eclectic Ceramic Pot Planter Set

Hileman Eclectic Ceramic Pot Planter Set


Want something a bit more appealing to look at for your bonsai project? The Hileman Eclectic Ceramic Pot Planter Set could check all your boxes.

To start with, it includes two of these gorgeous ceramic planters. You’ll get a pair of these beautiful blue pots, which allows you to coordinate the décor in a given space.

The soft, round shape is perfect for your more feminine plants or trees. Your eyes can easily travel along the edge without getting caught on any sharp angles or lines.

Puncturing the bottom of each planter is a drainage hole. That will help protect your roots from rot from standing water that can accumulate in planters without one.

Because they’re made from ceramic, they have properties that make them naturally resistant to rust and weather. The gloss on the surface is simple to clean, too, because dirt won’t stick to it as easily.


  • Striking blue coloration.
  • The soft oval shape would look beautiful with many Bonsai plants.
  • It has a drainage hole at the bottom
  • Includes two planters
  • Rust and weather-resistant.


  • It does not have separate wiring holes.
  • It does not come with a saucer to put under the drainage hole.

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Ceramic Planter Box

Ceramic Planter Box


In Bonsai trees, the concepts of masculine and feminine refer to how angular or flowing a tree looks. Angular is recommended in planters for more masculine-looking trees.

This Ceramic planter box could fit the bill well. It’s shaped like a rectangle, with sharp, straight sides.

At the top on either side sit two frogs, looking inward. It’s a magical touch that would give your display a whimsical air.


  • Adorable design.
  • Has purposefully distressed paint for an antique look
  • It is made from sturdy ceramic.


  • It’s not clear from the description or pictures whether or not it has drainage or wiring holes.

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What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Bonsai

Drainage Holes

The majority of plants can’t just sit in standing water for an extended period. These kinds of conditions lead to rotting roots and dying plants.

Your Bonsai trees are the same. Soggy conditions will not lead to their health, and you can prevent these conditions from occurring with drainage holes.

There is a drainage hole at the base of your planter functions as an escape route for any excess water as a bonus. It can also help encourage airflow around the plant, which aids in preventing fungus and root rot.

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Wiring Holes

There would be more than one hole at the bottom in an ideal Bonsai planter. That’s because many gardeners see fit to use wires to secure the tree to the planter through the extra holes.

The benefit of this is obvious. Trees are top-heavy, and they could easily fall over in the oftentimes shallow planters and pots used in Bonsai.

Wires stabilize them. Because of this, you might want to check whether or not your potential planter has these extra holes to slip a wire through.

If your planter doesn’t have wiring holes, depending on the thickness and material used, you could bore a hole into the bottom on your own.


The material the planter is made from isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but some look better than others.

Traditional Bonsai planters often used containers made from ceramic or porcelain. In addition to simply appearing more attractive, they would typically be fired at a high temperature to ensure durability and promote their ability to absorb excess water.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use more affordable materials like plastic. Just remember to ensure the planter you end up choosing permits your plant to drain and breathe uninhibited.

Size and Shape

This is where numerous traditional guidelines come in. To ensure a proper appearance, the size and shape of your planter are crucial in Bonsai.

One of the first things you need to determine is whether your tree is masculine or feminine. This can be a little difficult, but there are many guides on how to figure it out online.

In short, though, feminine trees will have a softer look. Their trunks will be smooth, and they might have branches or a trunk that curves gently.

Masculine ones, on the other hand, will look jagged. They’ll seem strong, with a thick trunk and dense branches at the top.

For feminine trees, you’ll want a shallow planter with soft lines, like an oval or circle. A masculine tree looks best in deep and angular pots, like squares or rectangles.

In addition to shape, size is also critical. Ideally, your planter is the same height as the width of the trunk right above the roots.

Oval and rectangle-shaped planters should be two-thirds as long as the tree is tall. Round ones, alternatively, should be one-third as long as the tree’s height.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve discovered some potential containers for your Bonsai plant. Bonsai can take some learning, but the results are definitely rewarding.

A Bonsai display that’s put together well is breathtaking. Anyone would be awed by it.

If we were choosing just one planter from this list, we’d be drawn to the Round Succulent Planter Pot. It might be a little small, but we like the vibrant array of colors it comes in.